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Stony Brook ASDA: Website Shout Out!

Stony Brook has a awesome website that was made this summer by webmaster Vince Badali. On their home page, they feature their new Ethics video – The Unprofessional, Stony Brook’s own blog, along with links like National ASDA, ADA and the Next DDS. I interviewed Lauren Jain, president; Alex Sadak, legislative liaison; and Vince Badali,… Read more »

Oral Cancer Rates on the Rise

Need another reason to encourage patients or loved ones to stop smoking? According to the Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the World Health Organization), oral cancer rates are on the rise.  As compared with 2008, oral cancer rates will increase 68% by 2030, with potentially over 790,000 people being diagnosed. Morality rates predict… Read more »

Adventures as “Mr. Tooth”

Recently the UIC ASDA chapter organized volunteers to staff the College of Dentistry booth at Chicago’s Operation Warm Service Fair. The Operation Warm event was organized to give coats to children of families living in Chicago Public Housing. The UIC ASDA chapter contributed to the event by providing oral hygiene instructions, oral health information and… Read more »

State Lobby Day with Doug Baasch and District 11

There are so many elements that make up a complete dental education. From academic excellence and clinical proficiency to patient care and practice management to research and organized dentistry involvement. In dental school we have the unparalleled opportunity to learn and grow in all these areas and set the tone for our future careers. One… Read more »

ASDOH ASDA: “New” Website Shout Out

Although it’s been live for only 47 days, ASDOH ASDA’s newly revamped website is already a big hit! They have kept some old goodies such as these hilarious pictures and added many new things. It looks like ASDOH will be in very good contention for 2012’s Gold Crown Awards at Annual Session! I interviewed ASDOH’s… Read more »

Ortho and anesthesiology students matched last week

Congratulations to all the applicants out there that just successfully went through Phase I of the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program, affectionately known as the “The Match!”  On Nov. 30, applicants applying for residencies in Orthodontics and Dental Anesthesiology found out their fates for next year.  Around 8:30 am, matched applicants received an email with the… Read more »

Social media in your practice: friend or foe?

Has anyone noticed how social media and online review sites keep popping up in dental news every few months? I remember when ASDA Contributing Editor Matthew Ronconi (UCLA ’12) wrote an editorial about Yelp. His mentor had received fabulous reviews, except for one. It irked him that one bad review, regardless of the truth or… Read more »