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ADPAC with a side of crawfish

Last week, Aruna Rao, Minnesota ’12 blogged live from the ADPAC Board of Directors meeting in Washington, DC. She challenged ASDA’s chapters to increase their ADPAC membership — the school with the highest percentage of members will get $500 at ASDA’s annual session! ASDA’s 2012 Annual Session will take place in Minneapolis, MN,  Feb. 29 – March 5! At… Read more »

Change in Professional School Interviewing

This recent NY Times article describes an alternative interviewing form some medical schools are adopting. This interview format is geared toward observing the candidates social skills and how they can communicate their ideas with others. The thought is that medical care is more of a team-driven atmosphere and people skills are needed. I recall from… Read more »

Live from the ADPAC Board of Directors Meeting

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! I am attempting a “live blog” today to bring you all some fascinating information and helpful resources about legislative affairs and advocacy. It is a beautiful day in Washington, DC at the American Dental Association building! I’m honored to represent ASDA on the ADPAC Board of Directors,… Read more »

Summer Mouth Preview & Nova Students in Nicaragua

  ASDA members – be on the look for Mouth, Journal of the American Student Dental Association, to hit your mailboxes soon! This issue of Mouth focuses on stories about international dentistry and the current state of oral health around the world. As a preview, check out the experience of Kenia Alavarez and Nova Southeastern’s chapter in Nicaragua. After a… Read more »

It’s Just Like The Real Thing

I found this article while I was reading the Discovery News iPhone app. I thought the functions were impressive, but it’s a little strange to see who the scientists collaborated with for the doll’s skin and tongue. Check out the Youtube video that shows this super-realistic robot in action. ~Amit Patel, Boston ’12

Dental School for Free!

“Making medical school free would relieve doctors of the burden of student debt and gradually shift the work force away from specialties and toward primary care. It would also attract college graduates who are discouraged from going to medical school by the costly tuition.” This excerpt was taken from a New York Times opinion piece… Read more »

ASDA Visits UIC College of Dentistry

On a sunny Thursday in June, 11 ASDA staffers piled into cabs and took a field trip to the University of Illinois’ Chicago campus. Dr. Pendleton, Associate Dean for Student and Diversity Affairs, gave us a thorough tour of the dental school. We saw lab after lab, general clinics, the faculty clinic, the pediatric clinic,… Read more »