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ASDOH’s Dr. Dillenberg Keynote

Dr. Jack Dillenberg, MPH, has lived a pretty successful life. That’s what he told over 100 students at ASDA’s Western Regional Meeting in San Antonio on November 4. Dr. Dillenberg went on to give his definition of success as well and tell students a little about his varied career in dentistry and public health. As… Read more »

Giving Thanks

Thursday can’t come quick enough – I think we’re all ready for a break to spend time with our families and give our brains a vacation for a few days. But before going into auto-eating-pilot, you might want to take some time to thank the professors and staff that make our long days at dental… Read more »

Auction for John Lennon’s Tooth

Recently, a Canadian dentist became the proud new owner of a piece of Beatle’s history. That’s right, Dr. Michael Zuk spent a reported $31,200 on John Lennon’s decayed and extracted molar. Check out this CNN clip with Anderson Cooper for more information (and a lot of dental puns): This news article reports Dr. Zuk plans… Read more »

Dentist in a Box

Let’s say that after graduating, you decide to backpack across the Australian Outback. Imagine that, at the beginning of this month-long trek, you happen to fracture an amalgam restoration on #3. You are in a lot of pain and nowhere near a dentist. What are you going to do? Well, luckily for you, before you… Read more »

Teeth & Tiaras

I have a confession. Each Wednesday evening at 10pm, I curl up on my couch and indulge in one of my guilty pleasures: watching TLC’s “Toddlers & Tiaras”. However, I try and justify it by focusing on how this show relates to my future dental career. If you’ve never seen the show, you likely think… Read more »

Newsletter Design Part 2

Part 2: Visual Appeal So your chapter needs a newsletter and somehow you’ve been assigned with the task. “You make such creative Facebook album titles,” they praise, “surely you know something about newsletter design.” You accept the job, riding high on their compliments. Now you sit in front of your computer wondering, “….” You can find… Read more »