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Differences between US and European Colgate Pro-Relief Toothpaste

We know that our versions of English are different, but did you know toothpaste is formulated differently on the other side of the pond? For example, European Colgate Pro-Relief Toothpaste contains a new formula called pro-argin. Pro-argin’s benefits includes occluding dentinal tubules . In the US, this pro-argin formula product is available to dental professionals… Read more »

The Future of Dentistry

The fall issue of Mouth focuses on the future of dentistry. It’s not about space-age dentistry but rather what’s ahead for the profession. This includes articles on the latest gizmos (lasers!) but also on trends in dental education (are there osteopathic dental schools?) and practice management in an age of social media (should you friend… Read more »

Dental Composites 101

I’m excited to be a part of this blog.  My name is Dr. Ashley Mark, and  I’ve been practicing dentistry for 10 years in the Canadian Forces.  I was fortunate enough to return to school (no, not a typo) and relearn what I forgot or unlearned.  I am currently a senior resident in an Advanced… Read more »

Summer Research Reflections

While conducting research this past summer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, I was able to go on a tour and information session at Harvard Business School. I figured it would be an intriguing adventure and maybe I would learn a little history along the way. Admittedly I left with little historical knowledge but… Read more »

Pandemics that rocked civilization

One of my favorite websites for news and interesting tidbits on just about anything is I thought this infographic on the world’s deadliest diseases might interest you as medical professionals. What struck me is how many of the heavy-hitters have been eradicated. Well done, modern medicine. Click the image to see the full version…. Read more »