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Halloween Finds for the Dentist

Happy October! To celebrate this time of the year, here are some fun and unique finds for your favorite dentist or dental student! With Halloween less than a month away, it’s about to be candy season!  The shelves of Target and Walmart already have dedicated aisles to our favorite seasonal goodies—candy corns, fun-size Twix, and… Read more »

Birthday Celebrations at Dental School

As much as I like dental school (well most days), it would not be my first choice of places to celebrate my birthday. By default, my twin sister, Maggie and me celebrated a portion our 25th birthday at the dental school.  After coming back from lunch, we discovered our mom had sent cupcakes to the… Read more »

Mouthing Off Has a New Look

Does something look different here? ASDA decided that it was time for an update for Mouthing Off. We know that things look a little different and we hope you like it. This week will serve as a “soft launch” for the new theme and we’d love for you to tell us what you think in… Read more »

Have you heard of TED Talks?

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a conference series that brings together fantastic speakers with “ideas worth spreading.” The biannual conference began in 1984 and has now expanded to individual conferences all over the world, maybe even in a city near you! Fortunately for us, these TED talks are online for our viewing pleasure. My favorite… Read more »

Ministry Through Dentistry

There are some things you might expect on any dental service trip: you will work very hard in conditions that are far from ideal, you may not have all of the instruments that you are accustom to using, there will likely be more patients than you will be able to treat each day, you will… Read more »