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Happy Easter!

In the spirit of Easter, I thought it would be fun to spotlight a very special bunny.  Nope, I’m not talking about the Easter Bunny.  I’m talking about the one and only Dr. Rabbit.  Enjoy and Happy Easter. Dr. Rabbit’s World Tour by LDEJRuff ~Matthew Ronconi, UCLA ’12, Contributing Editor

Video How-To: Delivering Criticism

Earlier this month, ASDA’s national leaders came to Chicago for the Spring Leadership Conference. A jam-packed weekend of leadership training included professional speakers, leadership development experts from other associations and a few of ASDA’s own alums to round out the group. A crowd favorite is Dr. Chris Salierno, a past ASDA president and practicing NY… Read more »

Read ASDA’s Pubs Online!

You’ve always been able to download a PDF of ASDA’s publications from Just last month, ASDA decided to make it a lot easier to read online and really easy to share. Now ASDA News and Mouth are available in digital issues online. Instead of waiting for the issue to download, you can search and… Read more »

New Awards Program for Chapters

ASDA and Crest Oral-B are excited to announce a new awards program for our chapters. The ASDA/Crest Oral-B Community Dentistry Awards will be presented to ASDA chapters for their excellence in designing and implementing oral health programs with groups that lack access to oral health education and dental care. Certificates of recognition will be given… Read more »

Effective Appointment Reminders

When asked if I prefer to be contacted by phone or email for a scheduled appointment, I always reply “email.” I find email much more convenient than a phone call that will inevitably interrupt me when I’m busy. In the April 2011 JADA, researchers from the University of Washington discuss their study on the effectiveness… Read more »


SLC…an acronym standing for ASDA’s national Spring Leadership Conference. Officially starting Saturday and ending Sunday, ASDA’s national leaders are headed from the north, south, east and west to Chicago to gear up for the 2011-2012 year. With speakers like Dr. Chris Salierno, ASDA Past President (have you read his blog lately? to presentations from the new Executive… Read more »