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ASDA Anaheim: 2011 Annual Session

Registration for ASDA’s 2011 Annual Session is now open! Annual Session is the meeting of the year where you can mingle with fellow dental students from all corners of the US. Interested in advocacy? Attend one of the numerous breakout sessions that cover everything from dental health legislation to licensure and other hot topics in… Read more »

Misfit? No. Pioneer? Yes.

In recognition of the Christmas season I thought it would only be appropriate to pay homage to a certain Christmas character who dared to defy convention and pursue a career in dentistry. This bold individual, when all social convention mandated that he adhered to the family business, stepped out and did what in his heart… Read more »

Write a Resolution!

Our annual session is less than 3 months away! There is so much happening currently in the field of dentistry. Is there an issue or problem that you would like ASDA as a national organization to take a stance on? Just write a resolution!

Can the dental therapist model be stopped?

As you may have heard, the Kellogg Foundation ( recently announced it will invest $16 million to support community-led efforts to establish dental therapists in five states (OH, VT, WA, KS, NM). In response to the announcement of this added funding, the ADA published a response of their displeasure. With my involvement in dental advocacy… Read more »

ASDA’s Vice President Quoted on CNN

Fourth year at UCLA and an ASDA Vice President, Andrew Read Fuller spent the past two days in DC testifying at an FDA advisory committee hearing on the safety of mercury amalgam dental fillings. This is a very big deal for the association, providing exposure and validity to ASDA as the leading advocate for dental… Read more »

Classic Don Knotts

Check out this hilarious scene from “The Shakiest Gun in the West” starring Don Knotts.   Hopefully the board exam will go smoother for us! Skip to 2:00 to observe some serious patient management skills… ~Jason Scott, Los Angeles ’13, Contributing Editor