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ASDA News Preview: Mission to Honduras

Many schools go on mission trips and accomplish amazing things in less developed and less fortunate countries. But when Stephanie Cappiello spearheaded a UCLA trip to Honduras, she not only took photos to capture the experience, she blogged about it as well! She posted recaps of each day in the clinic they had set up… Read more »

The [ASDA Central] Office: Part XI

This is the last installment of The [ASDA Central] Office series here on Mouthing Off. Now that you’ve met everyone who works at ASDA, who else would you like to meet? Leave a comment below with your suggestion for a future profile! Barton Lewin, Sales and Marketing Manager How long have you been with ASDA?… Read more »

Start the School Year with Sleep

As I opened my browser and the yahoo homepage popped up onto the screen, the title “Later School Start Times May Foster Better Students” caught my attention. Yes my friends, it is that time again – time to go back to school. Whether you are a D2 or D3, where your dental school is located,… Read more »

Diet and Gum Health

Hello ASDA Nation! For many of our patients, gum disease is a serious problem that requires a multifaceted treatment approach. In conjunction with regular dental visits, prophylactic cleanings and daily oral hygiene, a healthy diet can have a very positive impact on gingival well-being. In addressing the dietary component of gum disease with my patients,… Read more »

The [ASDA Central] Office: Part X

David Phelps, Website Administrator How long have you been with ASDA? 5 years What is your favorite aspect of your job? I like it when I can introduce new features to the website that ASDA’s membership can use If you weren’t working for ASDA, what would you be doing? I would be working on websites… Read more »

Decisons, Decisions…

Like many of you, this summer has been one of soul-searching for me. This is my last year of dental school, and I have started to ponder all of my options for what to do next. Earlier this year, I had ruled out applying for a specialty…”too much school” I decided. And then I reasoned… Read more »

From Dentistry to Photography

About a month ago, ASDA Contributing Editor Jason Scott posed the question “if you weren’t going into dentistry, what would you be doing?” Look for an array of dental students’ answers in the August issue of ASDA News! I got to thinking about what I could do after being a dentist. While images of island-hopping… Read more »