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Dentists + Social Media= Love?

At the ADA meetings that I have attended recently (Council on Dental Education and Licensure and the Washington Leadership Conference) the buzz phrase has been “social media”. The ADA is realizing that one of their weakest areas of membership right now are new dentists. This is a major concern, not only because this group will… Read more »

Masticators Bring Home the Championship

Participating in Intramural Sports is a fun and easy way to stay healthy and relieve stress during dental school. One of the many perks of attending dental school at UCLA is the stellar Intramural Sports program. Intramural Sports provides me with the opportunity to spend some quality time with my dental school buddies outside the… Read more »

Have you seen this patient?

You’ve heard of (and maybe even played as a kid) ding, dong, ditch.   You know, the game where ring the doorbell of an unspecting neighbor, run away and watch the results.  Some people have taken that to a whole new level. According to this article, a patient did the very same thing at a… Read more »

New Web Tool for Savvy Dental Shoppers

On a recent flight, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste. The miniature tube of paste was a lovely gesture, but something held me back from fully embracing it. I couldn’t put my finger on it right away, but then realized that it was missing an important symbol of trustworthiness: the… Read more »

Do you like ASDA?

This blog is not ASDA’s only form of social media. We also have a Facebook page! Like us and leave a comment on our wall. If you’re reading this blog but haven’t subscribed, do so today! Click “subscribe by email” in the upper righthand corner. We post 3 times a week and promise content that… Read more »

Athletes at higher risk for caries

I was reading the top news on Dr. Bicuspid this morning and came across this article: “Elite Athletes at Higher Risk of Caries.” I’m a runner and I’ve spoken with countless ASDA members who run marathons and triathlons. The research study was conducted with triathletes and it critiques cyclists more than swimmers and runners (phew!)…. Read more »

RE: Breakfast with Dr. Gist

As I posted earlier, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a breakfast with A DA President, Dr. Gist. He was in Minneapolis for a few days to attend the Class of 2011’s Senior Banquet and to speak at their commencement ceremony on Friday, May 13th. Dr. Gist discussed with us issues that we… Read more »