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ASDA Recruitment 101

Dr. Chris Salierno, past ASDA president, spoke at the 2010 Western Regional Meeting about introductions and recruitment. There is an art to recruiting members to your ASDA chapter, and Dr. Salierno is here to help. Watch the video and learn how to introduce yourself in a professional manner and tap into members who have potential… Read more »

Licensure Policy Shaken Up in California

Last month the state of California signed into law the nation’s first portfolio based licensure examination.  The Dental Board of California along with the California Dental Association and all six California dental schools sponsored the bill, which was signed into law September 29th by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Once adopted, scheduled to take place in one… Read more »

An ASDA World

At each regional meeting, the district trustees from the region work with a member of the executive committee, as well as the speaker of the house to plan and execute the meeting. The planning committee for the Western Regional Meeting has a flare for the dramatic. Spearheaded by Speaker of the House Ryan Dulde, the… Read more »

In Dental News…

A headline that caught my eye recently: Calif. city council favors banning dental amalgam: In the ongoing controversy over dental amalgam, Costa Mesa, CA, has become the first U.S. city to call for a ban on dental amalgam, urging federal and state agencies to eliminate the substance. Stay tuned for video and photos from the… Read more »

Live from the Western Regional Meeting

I’m currently sitting in the back row of the Western Regional Meeting. 94 dental students flew into Chicago this weekend to exchange ideas, meet students from neighboring schools and (of course) catch ASDA fever! If you’d like to be more involved in ASDA on a national level, consider a national leadership position. The application deadline… Read more »

ASDA’s President on ADA Annual Session

ASDA News met up with Corwyn Hopke, president of this year’s ASDA delegation to the ADA.  Corwyn spoke on the highlights of this year’s ADA Annual Session, held in Orlando, Florida, October 7th through 13th. Look for your issue of November ASDA News for more highlights of the meeting! ASDA News: What were the most… Read more »

Halloween Candy Minus the Hypocrisy

With Halloween rapidly approaching, I have been thinking of possible alternatives to the cavity-causing candy handed out to trick-or-treaters.  As a future dentist, I will be advising my patients to limit their intake of high sucrose foods, so I would only be contradicting myself if I were to give out candy on Halloween.  There must… Read more »