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2011 Journalism Awards Finalists

One of the best parts about working on the Editorial Board is getting to know talented student authors from around the country. It’s an honor to help transform their great ideas and concerns into high-quality articles for ASDA News, Mouth, or even this blog. Journalism Awards are designed to recognize excellence in national and chapter-level… Read more »

UCLA ASDA: Website Shout Out

Thank goodness it’s Friday AND that we have another ASDA chapter website to feature! Great job to UCLA’s ASDA chapter website for its sophisticated design and robust content. I am truly impressed by how current and in depth their site is, which matches their very well-structured chapter. This District 11 ASDA powerhouse is sharing the… Read more »

Annual Session Preview: Super Session

ASDA’s Central Office is buzzing with activity right now in preparation for the organization’s 41st Annual Session. While we’re dreaming of warm Anaheim temperatures, we’re also looking forward to a packed schedule of educational and inspirational sessions. We already told you about the sure-to-impress keynote speaker, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If… Read more »

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Super Bowl XLV has come and gone, but the commercials are here to stay. Like every other red-blooded American, the Super Bowl is just as much about the commercials for me as it is the game. From Little Vader Volkwagen to the Pug Attack Dorritos, this year did not let us down! Check out this… Read more »

Ask and You Shall Recieve

Over the past couple weeks, something I have been trying is asking dental suppliers for samples of their products. If your dental school is anything like mine, we have a fair mix of tried and true products (hello EBD!) along with a limited selection of new, fun make-your-life easier products.  Short of vendor fairs, ASDA Annual… Read more »

Free Professional Headshot at Annual Session!

You look adorable in your Facebook profile picture, but that’s not going to cut it when your state dental association needs a headshot to run alongside that article you wrote. Come to Annual Session and snap a professional headshot for FREE! That’s right, stop by the ASDA booth (#613) on Thursday, March 3 during the… Read more »