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The [ASDA Central] Office: Part II

Jen Swanson Director of Communications and Operations How long have you been with ASDA? 6 years What is your favorite aspect of your job? I really like working with students — they are eager to learn more about their future profession and are passionate about making a difference. If you weren’t working for ASDA, what… Read more »

Happy Memorial Day (3-Day) Weekend

Memorial Day means a lot of things. It means a 3 day weekend from work or school. It’s an unofficial mark to the beginning of summer. And it almost always means invitations to cookouts and pool parties. But most importantly, Memorial Day is meant for everyone enjoying the freedom and prosperity of the U.S. to… Read more »

the [ASDA Central] office: Part I

ASDA was started by dental students and is run by dental students. But the association also needs a staff of association professionals to run day-to-day operations. These operations include meeting planning, accounting, communications and publications, membership development, generating revenue and much more. ASDA’s Central Office is located in the ADA building in the heart of… Read more »

Speak Up!

Mouthing Off is different than other communications initiatives within ASDA. This is a place for conversation, collaboration and participation. But there is no use talking about things that aren’t of interest to you! So let us know what you want to hear more about, what you’d like to hear less about and even what you… Read more »

Gifts for Grads

Many of you are graduating or just graduated in the last couple weeks. CONGRATULATIONS! How does it feel? You’ve spent 4 years of your life working around the clock for this degree. Every minute was either spent focused on work for dental school or stressing about dental school and sometimes even enjoying dental school. But… Read more »

Controversies in Dentistry

Dental school has been an interesting experience so far.  Never in my life have I been so focused and absorbed in a single cause.  Sometimes I feel that I’m living life with blinders on, disregarding what life will be like after graduation or challenges that dentists face today. Recently in a Cariology class we had… Read more »