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ASDA Visits UIC College of Dentistry

On a sunny Thursday in June, 11 ASDA staffers piled into cabs and took a field trip to the University of Illinois’ Chicago campus. Dr. Pendleton, Associate Dean for Student and Diversity Affairs, gave us a thorough tour of the dental school. We saw lab after lab, general clinics, the faculty clinic, the pediatric clinic,… Read more »

Game Changers

This past January, Dentaltown published its list of  The 50 Greatest Game Chargers in Dentistry.  From products to people, Dentaltown’s list runs the gamit of dentistry.  Click here to read it. What is a “game changer?” defines a game changer as “a person who is a visionary” and “has new and different ideas that stand out… Read more »

mouthing off Wins Prestigious Award

Congratulations to mouthing off for winning a 2011 ASAE Gold Circle Award! Last week, ASAE, the American Society of Association Executives, announced the winners of their awards for association communications–the Gold Circle Awards. The annual competition honors associations and nonprofit organizations that demonstrate excellence in communication across eleven categories, including magazines, newsletters, websites, blogs, podcasts,… Read more »

YouTube & The ADA

Our colleagues at the American Dental Association recently renovated their YouTube channel. Take a look! Subscribe now for the latest updates as they continue uploading short clips from their vast video library. I begin seeing patients in about a month (eeek!), and I look forward to sharing this link with my more curious patients. Many… Read more »

FDA Approves New Tobacco Labeling

Yesterday, the FDA approved 9 new graphics for prominent placement on tobacco packaging. By September 22, 2012, cigarette manufacturers will no longer be able to produce packages without the new labeling and by October 22, 2012, all tobacco products sold in the US must contain the new labels. This means that cigarettes are getting a… Read more »