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Cosmetic Dentistry takes on Botox

I recently visited an ENT and was told I have to have my tonsils taken out. After a lifetime of frequent tonsilitis and other complications, I wasn’t surprised at all. What was surprising was my ENT’s fancy schmancy office. I was pleased that he’s located very close to ASDA’s office, but I was also taken… Read more »

Nonfiction, non-dental reads for the summer

Although it’s currently 45 degrees and rainy in Chicago, I can’t help but daydream about Summer’s arrival. Technically, Summer is still a month away, but anyone who spent a quarter of their life (or more) on an academic calendar knows that summer starts the minute classes end. Whether it’s raining by you or you’re far… Read more »

Current Events in Dentistry

Have you heard there’s an oil spill off the Gulf Coast? Of course you have. It’s easy to keep up with big stories that make the national news, but keeping up with the latest in dental news takes a bit more work. Luckily there are websites like and to keep you abreast of… Read more »

Q&A Session with ASDA President Corwyn Hopke

Mouthing Off had the opportunity host a Q&A session with ASDA President Corywn Hopke, a 3rd year dental student at Columbia University. Many relevant and interesting topics were covered. Please read the May issue of ASDA News coming out in a few weeks to see the following questions answered. With the new healthcare bill signed into… Read more »

Taking Care of Business

A few dozen ASDA leaders convened this weekend in Chicago for the annual Spring Leadership Conference. The city welcomed us with perfect weather, and the ASDA staff and Executive Committee worked very hard to make sure our meetings were productive and fun. The gorgeous and historic Allerton Hotel set the scene for this busy event,… Read more »