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RE: Breakfast with Dr. Gist

As I posted earlier, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a breakfast with A DA President, Dr. Gist. He was in Minneapolis for a few days to attend the Class of 2011’s Senior Banquet and to speak at their commencement ceremony on Friday, May 13th. Dr. Gist discussed with us issues that we… Read more »

Paging Dr. Ke$ha?

Here’s another great comic from Since Ke$ha is still making it to the top 20 pop charts, I hope this comic is just as relevant as when TiK ToK was constantly looping on the radio. What are your favorite musical lyrics related to oral health (or disease)? ~Colleen Greene, Harvard ’13, Editor-in-Chief

Flaunt Your Chapter!

Have you noticed the Chapters page on the toolbar above? Nestled between Home and About Mouthing Off is a page dedicated to posts about specific chapters. Find your chapter and see what they’ve been featured for or snoop on a neighboring chapter! Don’t see your chapter listed? This means that no posts have been written… Read more »

You sound like you’re from London!

Ever heard of “Foreign Accent Syndrome”? Yeah, neither had I. My mom recently sent me a link from a news station in Oregon (my home state) with a woman who says she woke up from oral surgery and now has a British accent. Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) is caused by damage to the brain, similar… Read more »

Breakfast with ADA President Dr. Gist

On Friday, May 13th, I will have the pleasure of having breakfast with Dr. Gist and a few other of my schoolmates at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Gist will be here to speak at the Class of 2011 commencement ceremony. Dr. Gist was invited by UMN administrators, faculty and staff involved in planning the… Read more »

ASDA President Makes ADA Homepage!

Just a quick kudos for today’s post! ASDA President Adam Shisler recently spoke to the ADA’s board of trustees. What’s more, the news made the ADA’s homepage! Not only is this a great clip for Adam to post on his refrigerator, but it sends the message that the ADA respects the student perspective and is… Read more »

Social Media and Professionalism

We’ve talked about Facebook here before. But last week, a blog post in the Health section of caught my eye. “Should Your Doctor Be on Facebook?” discusses the risks of health professionals engaging in social media. Danielle Ofri, MD, explores the topic: For doctors like me who have waded into social media, however gingerly,… Read more »