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Eastern Regional Meeting a Success!

Happy Monday. I spent my weekend at the Eastern Regional Meeting here in Chicago. I got to meet lots of students from districts 1, 2 and 3, and witness the enthusiasm that runs this organization. As assistant editor, I spend much of my time at my desk editing and laying out the content that runs… Read more »

ADA Annual Session and ASDA Leadership Positions

ADA Annual Session is fast approaching! This year’s meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida, October 9-12. As a dental student in the throes of studying dental anatomy, completing clinical requirements, and making future career plans, the ADA’s Annual Session may not even register on your radar. This meeting, however, is super important to us… Read more »

Does Facebook Have a Soul?

I read a review of “The Social Network” yesterday. It’s the movie about Facebook-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s college days at Harvard and the controversies surrounding the beginning of Facebook. This interests me not for all the drama and (most likely) inflated scandal, but for the fact that it’s about time someone made a movie about… Read more »

Central Regional Meeting Presentations Online

If you attended the Central Regional Meeting in Chicago last month, you may want to share what you learned with your chapter. Doing so is easier than ever with all the presentations posted online! Even if you didn’t make it to the meeting, now is your chance to experience some of the sessions your classmates… Read more »

Countdown to Election Day

Midterm elections are fast approaching for some very important public offices and issues. Each representative in the House is up for election, and most states are holding elections for Governor this year. More than one third of Senator seats will be decided by ballot too, which means every U.S. citizen dental student has a lot… Read more »