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New Awards Program for Chapters

ASDA and Crest Oral-B are excited to announce a new awards program for our chapters. The ASDA/Crest Oral-B Community Dentistry Awards will be presented to ASDA chapters for their excellence in designing and implementing oral health programs with groups that lack access to oral health education and dental care. Certificates of recognition will be given… Read more »

Effective Appointment Reminders

When asked if I prefer to be contacted by phone or email for a scheduled appointment, I always reply “email.” I find email much more convenient than a phone call that will inevitably interrupt me when I’m busy. In the April 2011 JADA, researchers from the University of Washington discuss their study on the effectiveness… Read more »


SLC…an acronym standing for ASDA’s national Spring Leadership Conference. Officially starting Saturday and ending Sunday, ASDA’s national leaders are headed from the north, south, east and west to Chicago to gear up for the 2011-2012 year. With speakers like Dr. Chris Salierno, ASDA Past President (have you read his blog lately? to presentations from the new Executive… Read more »

Harvard Students Running 200 Miles for Operation Smile

We wanted to spread the word about a really special event that several Harvard dental students are participating in this May! HSDM Class of 2012 students are running in The 2011 Cape Relay. The relay takes place on May 6th-7th and covers 200 miles from Borderland State Park to Provincetown, MA. The runners will be running around 16-17 miles each…. Read more »

License to Drill presentations now available

If you were at this year’s Annual Session, you were among many who enjoyed the Hot Topics Super Session: License to Drill. This panel discussion included several key players in the recent changes to dental licensure in the states of Minnesota and California: Dr. Patrick Lloyd, dean of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, … Read more »

Make Jewelry Out of Teeth

Are you looking for a good use for extracted teeth?  Well look no further because tooth jewelry is the answer.  Everyone remembers that kid that wore the shark tooth necklace, right?  Tooth jewelry has been around for ages but recently there has been a little twist.  Jewelry made from teeth is no longer being limited… Read more »

The Final Four. And I don’t mean third molars.

Between UConn, VCU, Kentucky and the championship hosting site of Houston, these schools have produced an uncanny number of ASDA leaders. Is it possible that strong ASDA leadership may actually explain the success of this year’s unexpected Final Four? Let’s investigate. Speaker of the House, Stephanie Vlahos, VCU ’13, offered this insightful analysis: “The VCU… Read more »