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A Reason to Buy Trident Next Week

A representative from Trident called me the other day to ask if I thought our members would be interested in what they’re doing with Smiles Across America. I’m not sure anyone is more passionate about oral health than ASDA members, so I knew that you’d all like to know about this. From September 13 –… Read more »

Labor Day: More than BBQs and Parades

I still remember when I first hit the working world full-time a few years ago, suddenly gaining a new appreciation for Labor Day. It’s pretty cool that there is a holiday for America’s workforce. And since I’m at an age where my summer vacations from school far outweigh my summers working all day at the… Read more »

FDA to review dental amalgam

The FDA announced earlier this year that they will be reviewing dental amalgam yet again for its safety, mostly in pregnant women, fetuses, and young children. Several citizen petitions for the FDA’s reconsideration of dental amalgam have prompted this review. In July 2009, amalgam was reclassified by the FDA from a Class I substance to… Read more »

Gender and Risk of Oral Disease

For women it’s caries, for men it’s periodontitis. Is gender a factor in your risk of oral disease? If you’re interested in the biological and the anthropological factors that play a role in oral health, read this interesting article posted on Dr Bicuspid today. Stay tuned this week for videos taken from the Central Regional… Read more »

Regional Meetings Start Today

Today is the kick-off of the Central Regional Meeting in Chicago. What is a Regional Meeting? We’re glad you asked… The goal of the Regional Meetings is to improve the quality of ASDA’s chapters in each of the Eastern, Central and Western Regions by developing and improving the leadership skills of the ASDA delegates and… Read more »

Dental Blog Roundup

Thank you to all our readers and especially to those of you who subscribe! If you’re not a subscriber yet, it’s absolutely free and as easy as clicking “subscribe” in the little blue box to your right. Although we want you to keep tuning into Mouthing Off three times a week, I’d also like to… Read more »