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Make Jewelry Out of Teeth

Are you looking for a good use for extracted teeth?  Well look no further because tooth jewelry is the answer.  Everyone remembers that kid that wore the shark tooth necklace, right?  Tooth jewelry has been around for ages but recently there has been a little twist.  Jewelry made from teeth is no longer being limited… Read more »

The Final Four. And I don’t mean third molars.

Between UConn, VCU, Kentucky and the championship hosting site of Houston, these schools have produced an uncanny number of ASDA leaders. Is it possible that strong ASDA leadership may actually explain the success of this year’s unexpected Final Four? Let’s investigate. Speaker of the House, Stephanie Vlahos, VCU ’13, offered this insightful analysis: “The VCU… Read more »

Today is National Dental Student Lobby Day

More than 300 dental students arrived in Washington, D.C. over the weekend to make their voices heard. Plenty of hard work and preparation went into securing hundreds of appointments with congressmen from across the country. On Tuesday, the following issues will be addressed at capitol hill: funding for the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial… Read more »

A Tour of A-dec

While home in Oregon over spring break, I had a chance to head out to Newberg, and take a tour of A-dec. A-dec (Austin-Dental Equipment Company) is most likely the supplier of the dental equipment at your dental school. This family-built business supplies about 90% of dental schools and is one of the biggest dental… Read more »

2011 Philadelphia Oral Cancer Walk

Did you know that 36,540 new cases of oral cancer were diagnosed in 2010? Did you know that approximately 7,880 people died from oral cancer in 2010? Do you know that African American men have the greatest risk of developing oral cancer? More than any other ethnic group within the United States population (about 17:100,000)…. Read more »

Wrapping up Annual Session

It was a fun and productive week in Anaheim, California, as new leaders were elected and old leaders celebrated a successful year. Mouthing Off met up with 1st time attendees from Virginia Commonwealth in Adventureland at Disneyland.  Please watch the interview. Congratulations to our new national leaders including ASDA President Adam Shisler from UT-Houston, Vice… Read more »