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Is chewing gum better than flossing?

Pink Bubble - HorizontalOn a regular basis we hear professors tell us that chewing gum can lead to cavities and poor oral health. I constantly hear a specific professor yell out, “I can’t believe I see so many of you future dentists chewing gum!” Chewing gum has been proven to increase brain function and overall cognitive thinking as well as suppress appetite. Now, there is an even better reason why we should all be chewing it.

Planning ahead is planning smart

Twenty four hours just never seems like enough time to accomplish everything on your to do list. But when you think about it, if you are getting 7-9 hours of sleep, there are still about 15 or more hours of your day! Planning ahead and planning smart can help you be more productive while taking care of yourself. One strategy to consider using is blocking your schedule. I like to visualize my days and weeks like what you see on Google Calendar. There are visual “blocks” for each activity.

Winning the game of student loans

asda logoIf I told you there was a way to save tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on your student loans would you want to know more?

If you’re anything like me when I was in dental school…I’m guessing…Heck Yes!

How to save for the future while in dental school

piggy banksIt has been awhile since we talked about savings and how to save while incurring large amounts of debt in dental school.  Typically, it is recommended that everyone has an “emergency fund” to cover at least 3-6 months of their fixed costs in case they are unable to work or have an immediate family need.  How can you make this happen while still in dental school? Read on…

Jamaican mission trip: insights from Dr. Carney

We all aspire to become dentists, but after graduation our paths will diverge in many directions. My dream is to establish a volunteer dental clinic in the Philippines. As a junior in high school, my family went on a dental mission trip to Manila, Philippines. We brought instruments, a lawn chair, flashlights, and did screenings on children within the basement of a church. This eye-opening experience solidified my commitment to pursue dentistry. Since then I’ve had an un-settling desire to return to the Philippines on my own dental mission. In my second year of dental school, I had the honor and privilege to participate in a Jamaican mission trip through the Christian Dental Society, lead by Drs. Jim Carney from Illinois and Bill Griffin from Virginia. I was inspired not only by the number of lives we touched, but also how established the dental clinic was…