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Why business matters to your predental journey

business networkingThroughout my four years as a predental student I have volunteered and worked in numerous settings and gathered information from dental professionals, dental students and my fellow predental officers. I have also mentored my predental classmates about how adding business skills can open doors. Here are some business tips I have found helpful as a predental student…

The power of doing nothing

103582775I learn something new almost every day of my life.
I’m a 4th year student now, and I can see the light. I’ve practically made it out of the dental school tunnel. But I’m still learning. And I’ll always be learning, I suppose.
Recently, I learned about the power of doing nothing.

3 ways to minimize the ethical pitfalls of a live patient exam

484582925 In recent years, ASDA, ADEA, and the ADA have publically denounced the use of live patients during licensing exams. ASDA’s L1 policy clearly states that any clinical licensing exam should, “be a non-patient based examination emphasizing the recognition, diagnosis and treatment planning of disease, in conjunction with the treatment of simulated disease by use of a typodont.” While much progress has been made to create alternate pathways to licensure including: a PGY1 residency, portfolio review in California, and an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in Minnesota, there is still much work to be done to eliminate the live patient component.

Creative dental ads & PSAs that catch your attention

dental-commAwareness is the first step to prevention and treatment. Unfortunately for dentists, most people remain unaware of how their everyday habits are perpetuating critical dental conditions. As dental students, we should strive to bring awareness to combat diseases such as oral cancer, periodontal disease and even tooth loss. Recently there has been a push to inform the public by way of commercials or advertisement campaigns. Take a look below at three dental-related commercials that stress the importance of dental health. Many of our patients only come to us when the problem is fully developed. These service announcements will hopefully greatly impact how people approach their dental health.

Suturing a pig’s foot: not your grandma’s sewing needle

This past summer, second-year dental students at Marquette Dental School learned that a simple trip to your local butcher can help improve your suturing skills. Towards the end of our “Introduction to Oral Surgery” class this July, our instructor presented us a sim lab full of pig feet! After having lectures the week prior on proper suturing techniques, we were given the chance to practice the different techniques on our very own pig feet. We all grabbed a partner, a scalpel, suturing supplies, and hesitantly reached into a bucket for a foot.