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How am I gonna get paid?

money stackWe’re no strangers to the “spare no expense” nature of our dental school education. “Debt” and “loans” are just as much a part of our vocabulary as “MOD” and “alginate.” While the complexity and intricacy of the financial systems in dentistry cannot be fully captured in a single blog post by a 4th year dental student, I hope to provide a very basic framework for what is and what might be when we’re sitting at graduation with diplomas in one hand and food stamps in the other, contemplating the question, “How am I gonna get paid?”

The importance of organized dentistry

Capitol domeI recently went to my second lobby day in Vermont, a state without a dental school. I accompanied nine other students from Tufts, Boston University, and Harvard to descend upon the statehouse. We all made the three-hour trip, because we understand how important it is to advocate for our patients and our profession. While we were there we met with many senators and members of the house. We discussed ways to attract more providers to increase the level of care in Vermont. Read on to learn how you can make a difference in dentistry too…

The toothbrush subscription service you have to try

QuipMaybe you’ve heard of subscription services. Or maybe you’ve been living under a rock. For a small monthly fee, you can get a surprise of assortments delivered straight to your door. It all started with the New York-based start up Birchbox, which sent women a box of curated cosmetic samples every month. Since then, the subscription services industry has exploded. Whether you’re a budding chef, a dog lover or a razor blade connoisseur, there’s a subscription box for you! But there is one way to really capture a dentist’s attention. Subscription toothbrush and toothpaste! Here are some other subscription service favorites from your ASDA Editorial Board.

When life gives you lemons, make lemon water

lemon waterHave you ever thought about a ‘life hack’ for your body to perform at its peak during stressful times? What is your technique for getting the edge? When life gives you lemons, make lemon water! I’ve spoken to entrepreneurs who need to maximize their performance and I was surprised to observe they frequently drink lemon water to boost their mood and feel energized. After a quick Google search, there were several hits commonly under the names of ‘detox’, ‘energized’ and ‘morning rituals.’ I am a big fan of the tangy and sharp taste of lemon, but I have learned in college to think critically and evaluate the research studies myself. So I began to dig a little bit deeper!

Lifetime channel’s “Smile” worth smiling about

girl smilingDentistry is about so much more than just teeth, and the new television series airing on Lifetime, “Smile,” proves just that. The series, which kicked off on May 28, will spotlight 12 individuals from around the country who are given the opportunity to makeover their smiles. Each participant has a different story that illustrates the ways that a smile can not only hinder how you live your life but also leave you powerless to it. As a dental student, I found “Smile” to be extremely profound. It is moving to me not only from the viewpoint of the people who are in need of the makeovers but from the dentists who will be providing them. “Smile” gives the viewer a great perspective of not only what dentistry is but also the reason why so many people choose dentistry as a profession. This series demonstrates through each individual’s story that a smile is self-defining. As dentists, we have the ability to change an individuals smile, but we are also changing that big picture: how they see themselves in the mirror. As dentists, we have the privilege to be a part of what’s behind the smile. What does your smile say about you?