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Pittsburgh ASDA: Website Shout Out

This is our third installment of Chapter Website features. Pittsburgh ASDA was a natural pick, given their ASDA Journalism Awards success as 2010 Outstanding Website in Competition. They also took home the glory at Annual Session last year for Outstanding Newsletter Improvement. Their chapter leaders were eager to share some wisdom on all aspects of… Read more »

Tips and Tricks for Taking the NBDE I

So it’s time for you to start preparing for the NBDE I and you don’t know where to start? Here are the all time REAL tips I would recommend to exam-going students. I have used these tips myself and believe me these work! Start with easy subjects: Starting is the problem. Starting with subjects that… Read more »

It’s NFL Playoff Time

Chicago is home to ASDA’s Central Office. Right now it’s a chilly 1°F with a wind chill of somewhere around -20°F. But that’s hardly anything to complain about compared to temperatures Minnesota is dealing with today. Regardless, it is supposed to warm up for Sunday. And if you’re anywhere near the Midwest or you happen… Read more »

Win Awards for You and Your Chapter

One of the ways ASDA supports dental students is by recognizing those who strengthen the organization with their volunteerism. Each year, ASDA presents several awards at Annual Session. Applying for an award is a great way to gain recognition for you and your chapter. It can also distinguish you as a dental student who does… Read more »

Silencing the Dental Drill?

It’s a well known fact that the mere sound of the dental drill triggers many patients blood pressure to rise and anxiety to ensue. Some studies have shown that the high-pitched squeal of the drill is what prevents many patients from seeing their dentist. Well, some inventors may have the answer. Inspired by a luxury car… Read more »