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What’s your limit?

I ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday. It was my second marathon, and the hardest 26.2 miles I’ve ever run. Last year, Chicago was chilly on marathon weekend and there is nothing better for running a marathon than 40 degree weather. This year, we had a spike in temperatures all week, peaking in an 85… Read more »

Rise of Dental Tourism?

A subset of medical tourism, dental tourism involves individuals seeking less expensive dental care outside of the U.S. and other countries.  It is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, including here in America.  According to the National Coalition on Health Care, nearly half a million Americans sought medical care abroad in 2006.  And… Read more »

UConn ASDA: Marathoning for Healthy Smiles

This Saturday, October 9th, close to 20 UConn Dental students will be participating in a number of different races as part of the ING Hartford Marathon.  The races range from the full marathon and marathon team relay, to the half marathon and 5K.  All courses go through scenic Hartford and West Hartford (  Uconn ASDA… Read more »

Eastern Regional Meeting a Success!

Happy Monday. I spent my weekend at the Eastern Regional Meeting here in Chicago. I got to meet lots of students from districts 1, 2 and 3, and witness the enthusiasm that runs this organization. As assistant editor, I spend much of my time at my desk editing and laying out the content that runs… Read more »

ADA Annual Session and ASDA Leadership Positions

ADA Annual Session is fast approaching! This year’s meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida, October 9-12. As a dental student in the throes of studying dental anatomy, completing clinical requirements, and making future career plans, the ADA’s Annual Session may not even register on your radar. This meeting, however, is super important to us… Read more »