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From Dentistry to Photography

About a month ago, ASDA Contributing Editor Jason Scott posed the question “if you weren’t going into dentistry, what would you be doing?” Look for an array of dental students’ answers in the August issue of ASDA News! I got to thinking about what I could do after being a dentist. While images of island-hopping… Read more »

The [ASDA Central] Office: Part IX

Meghan Keelean, Meeting Planner How long have you been with ASDA? 4 years What is your favorite aspect of your job? Interacting with the students at the meetings I help plan If you weren’t working for ASDA, what would you be doing? I would have a ceramics studio to produce my own pottery and teach… Read more »

“Fill or Pull? $1 each!”

This weekend I had lunch with the family of a dentist who graduated from my dental school in 1938: Nathan Goodman. Upon his passing in 2006, his family gave a generous gift to the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, which will support dental students for generations to come. This is how we came to share… Read more »

Regional Meetings are Fast Approaching!

This year, all three meetings will be held in Chicago. The Regional meetings are designed to be informational for “younger” ASDA members, primarily 1st and 2nd year dental students. At these meetings, current national leaders will share information with upcoming leaders from every ASDA chapter.The  goal is to equip leaders at every school with ideas… Read more »

The [ASDA Central] Office: Part VIII

Kris Okoskey, Executive Assistant How long have you been with ASDA? I’ve been working part time with ASDA since October 2003 What is your favorite aspect of your job? I really enjoy the House of Delegates Meetings during the Annual Sessions.  It’s fascinating to see the resolutions and policies that will shape and guide ASDA… Read more »

Answers to Last Week’s Trivia

For those of you who weighed in for last week’s patriotic dental trivia post, here are the answers: 1) #20:  There was a space or a hole in the denture base for the lower left 2nd pre-molar.  However, it was said that this tooth was pulled later in Washington’s life leaving the president edentulous before… Read more »

¡Olé, Olé Olé Olé!

[picappgallerysingle id=”9097483″] It’s that time again.  The FIFA World Cup final game played out on Sunday as Spain overtook the Netherlands in the 26th minute of extra time..  Every four years fans across the world join in what many call the biggest sporting event ever.  It has been an incredible experience for me to follow… Read more »