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Uncovering the truth behind ancient dental implants

celtic grave and pinOne of my favorite courses at UT Houston was the study of implantology. I had originally though implants to be new technology relying on sophisticated materials and techniques. In fact, the practice of replacing teeth was actually attempted as early as 400 B.C.! Civilizations in Egypt, South America and China are now known to have used materials such as stone, ivory, wood, seashells, animal and cadaver teeth, and gold to fill the holes in their mouths. I don’t know about you, but placing a sharp piece of anything into my jaw bone sounds less than desirable. Yet, all over the world archeologists are finding examples of humans practicing ancient dentistry.

A smile is the same in any language

IMG_4153 This past spring break, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Panama through International Service Learning with seven other members of Baylor University’s predental organization and one pre-optometry student from Ohio State. I’d argue with anyone that this was leaps and bounds better than your typical college spring break on the beaches of Florida or Cancun. If you have the chance to do a service trip during college, GO. Serve. Love. Learn.

How I transferred dental schools

Baylor ASDA picWhat do Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Warren Buffett, Lucy Liu, Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama and I have in common? We are all transfer students! Granted, they transferred undergraduate universities while I transferred dental schools. A year ago I did not even know transferring dental schools was possible. I had never heard of anyone transferring.

Credit cards revisited

credit-cardsWe have covered this topic before, but with the increasing costs of attending school and living in some of the major cities where schools are located, it is a topic worth revisiting. Credit card debt is some of the most easily accessible debt to students, but also the most harmful. Many students, already living off of debt in the form of school loans, do not think twice about charging necessary living expenses and other “standard of living” expenses to their credit cards.

My predental experience at Explore UTSD

IMG_3357 During the month of March, I started my spring break attending the first Explore UTSD at the University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston, Texas. It was such an intriguing way to start my spring break as a predental student. I first heard about the event through my predental club at the University of Houston and quickly reserved a spot. The day first started out with donuts and coffee where we were able to meet other predental students from across Texas and current dental students. It was fascinating to be around others who had the same dream as I did: to become a dentist.