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5 video accessories less than $100

Videos are still on the rise among chapters. YouTube channels are exploding with chapter and district videos and you better believe that people are watching them. From my experience, the difference between a high quality video and one that your chapter would rather not post can be as easy as having the right accessories to help you film. Below are five video accessories that you can find for under $100 that may help you take your videos up to the next level.

You want to learn how to run a dental practice, don’t you?

piggy bank with billsWelcome! We are about to embark on an eye-opening journey, discovering a new world that many dental students are unaware of. One of the biggest fears that dental students face right out of school is knowing how to run a dental practice and their knowledge of practice management.

To extinguish that fear I created a list of some of the best resources out there to help you hit the ground running. These continuing education resources include podcasts, mobile videos, seminars, weekend events and many others. What’s so great about these resources is the variety of learning types they tailor to. Some people learn better in person, others prefer video, and some learn simply by listening. We will share some resources that have helped others tremendously in having them hit the ground running into private practice out of dental school.

A fun trick-or-treating alternative

trick or treatTrick or treat?! Between extravagant costumes and as much candy as you can stomach, what kid doesn’t love Halloween? However, Halloween is more of a trick than a treat with the excessive consumption of sugary sweets increasing the risk for childhood caries. In an attempt to decrease sugar consumption while maintaining the joy associated with trick-or-treating, a dentist in Wisconsin created a fun alternative.

5 strategies to crush your career

thumbnailEver wondered how past ASDA members like Dr. Chris Salierno became editor of Dental Economics?  Or, how Dr. Colleen Greene rose to the forefront of organized dentistry SO fast?

Is it chance…or is there a recipe?

I’ve got friends who’d argue “it’s better to be lucky than good” , but if I’m a betting man…I’m betting on 2 things: Recipe and “CRUSH it.”

Keep reading for a sneak peak at 5 Amazing Mentors and 5 Incredible Strategies for your success.

How to handle the patient who hates you

murrell - photoLet’s face it – most people do not look forward to a trip to the dentist. While shadowing as a predental, I specifically remember a patient greeting the doctor with, “No offense, but I hate you.” Understandably so. We invade our patients’ personal space, we put instruments in their facial orifices that resemble torture devices, and some of our patients honestly have no idea what we look like under our 20 layers of PPE. It is our responsibility to ensure anxious or fearful patients have the best possible experience during their visits with the hopes that we can make the difference in overcoming their dental phobias. Here are few tips for when you inevitably encounter the patient who hates the dentist.