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What I wished I’d known when applying as an international student

man on laptopAs an international dentist, when you make a decision to pursue a DDS in another country rather than opting for the conventional masters program in your home country, you are choosing the road less traveled. No one ever tells you about the struggles, goof-ups, road-blocks that can derail your enthusiasm in getting into a DDS program. Here are a few pointers when you embark on this wondrous journey.

5 things I learned as a new dentist

 dentistThis is the first post in a new series called “Management Monday.” We are excited to bring you career advice, practice management tips and more once a month. If you are a dental student with an interest in these topics or have a mentor who can offer some great advice, email to see how you can blog for us (members only). Now let’s hear from one of ASDA’s international members on what he learned as a new dentist.
I studied dentistry in Egypt at Misr International University. I graduated in June of 2010. Upon my graduation and internship year, I registered for a 2-year oral medicine and periodontology postgraduate program, and worked as a general dentist at a specialized hospital. I’m now about to start a new chapter by working at the reputable Al Kharashy Dental Center in Qatar, while looking into master programs for the near future. Here are 5 things I’ve learned as a new dentist:

Four things to know for the new year

Happy new year 2016 Happy New Year fellow ASDA friends! Let me guess, you’re either at the gym tackling that New Year’s resolution, laying on the couch binging on Netflix, or traveling back to dental school after a much needed break. Whatever your situation, allow me to share with you some tips on how to maximize your New Year’s Day, and year for that matter.

Looking ahead: Leadership development as a new dentist

NLC 2015
I’ve spent the vast majority of my educational career looking towards “the next step.” I spent high school preparing myself for college, and navigated my way through college with dental school in mind. Now, as a second-year dental student, I find myself thinking a lot about what the next step in my career will be. Will I go straight into private practice? Will I choose to specialize? Or will my path take an entirely different trajectory altogether?

When I thought about my involvement within organized dentistry, I found myself with similar questions. I have been an active member of my school’s ASDA chapter since my very first quarter of dental school, and my experience has brought me an incredible amount of personal and professional growth. Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder what opportunities were available to continue growing as leaders after graduation. After the many conferences I’ve attended and conversations I’ve had with student leaders, here are some of the things I learned, as well as some words of wisdom…

A ‘TAD’ different way to use media in your chapter

Danny ThumbWe’ve all used media in some form or another in our chapter. Promotion, event recaps or even simply for entertainment. But have you ever thought of using it to improve your public speaking skills? Neither did we.

I love public speaking, but I know I am in the minority. What I am not in the minority with, however, is wishing I were better at it. Ever since I was first elected into an ASDA position my D1 year, people have been asking me for opportunities to improve their public speaking skills. Until recently, I really didn’t know how to help them or give them those opportunities. Then one day, as I was pondering dental terms that I could use in ASDA puns (as I often do), it hit me—we can have our members give lunch and learn presentations. Thus, TAD Talks were born…

Dental gifts that are better late than never

holiday giftsMerry Christmas! If you have a post-holiday gift exchange scheduled, it’s not too late to buy something for your friends in the dental field. Dental presents, like all good presents, come in a wide variety. Some presents make us think, some make us laugh and some make us cry tears of joy. We will keep this in mind as we search for the best, funniest and most interesting presents for our favorite dental students and dentists.

We must take into consideration many things when searching for the perfect present, be it a large box with a bow under the tree or a small stocking stuffer. Who are we buying this present for? Is it something they will use or is it something to make them laugh? What is our budget? The most important part of any good present is the thought behind it. The only criterion in our search for the perfect present is that it brings joy to a fellow dentistry enthusiast.

Here are some fun ideas for your very own gifts:

Join us in celebrating 2016 ASDA Predental Week

ASDA_Predental-Week-2016_Logo-webMark your calendar for the third annual ASDA Predental Week – best week of the year for predentals! From Feb. 21st to 27th, 2016, there will be exciting events nationwide hosted by ASDA chapters and predental clubs, as well as other activities and contests you can participate in online.

Predental Week features two amazing educational webinars, which are free for existing and prospective ASDA predental members. The week also includes local events, an Instagram contest and more! Learn more about this awesome week…