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Six tips to shadowing success

Dentist and patient looking at x-rayMaybe you became interested in dentistry because your favorite holiday was your six-month check up. Maybe you skipped the Superman comics and saw your dentist as your super hero instead. Maybe your parents are dentists or you have a family friend that inspired you. Regardless of how you became interested in the dental field, getting into dental school starts with a passion of dentistry. Shadowing a dentist is not only a near universal requirement of dental school admission, but also a way to prove your passion and expand your unilateral vision of what the day-to-day life of a dentist looks like. Here are six steps to shadowing success.

Online banking tools to save you time and money

Mobile BankingIt has been over a year since we have visited the topic of online banking. As there are apps for this and apps for that, online and mobile banking have become a larger part of daily life. Will younger generations even know what a deposit slip is? Maybe not. As traditional banks charge fees and are normally less convenient for the busy student/worker/professional, many people are turning to online banking for their saving needs. Because the student of today is connected virtually to more than ever, online banking is a great option, especially if you are looking for a place to save money for longer periods of time. Read the full post for a list of online banking tools.

When a dentist kills a lion: a lesson on reputation management

Lion in Hwange NPBy now, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Dr. Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed Zimbabwe’s beloved lion, Cecil. If you’ve somehow missed this social media firestorm, catch up here.

I’m not going to talk about how what Palmer did was wrong and what type of punishment he deserves–that debate is playing out in full force on Twitter. What I want to talk about is that Palmer is a dentist. Assuming you haven’t lured a national treasure from his protected habitat to kill him, let’s explore some lessons we can take away from Palmer’s life-ruining mistake.

Benefits of hosting a Give Kids a Smile event

NSU Give Kids a SmileNova Southeastern University’s Give Kids A Smile (NSU GKAS) event celebrated 11 years of service in February. It has become one of Florida’s premier dental outreach campaigns. Last year alone, we provided dental care to more than 320 children, totaling $115,797 in services. This year, we yielded very similar results, and even expanded treatment to special needs patients. Overall, NSU’s GKAS provides a new perspective to attending patients on the value of a dental home. Overall, NSU’s GKAS provides a new perspective to attending patients on the value of a dental home. It exposes parents and children to the severity of their dental needs and the value of proper home care and hygiene. Their commitment to our program marks a paradigm shift in how our community sees dentistry. We can’t wait to hear about your GKAS event!

Know your wine for better networking

Wine infographic“Let’s settle it over a round” …of golf, that is. Golfing has long been seen as an escape, as well as work desk outside of the office. Countless deals and partnerships have been formed in the informal, enjoyable setting of a golf course. Similar networking can take place in other leisurely situations. Enjoying a glass of wine with a colleague is much easier and less time consuming than golf. Check out this infographic to up your wine game…