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ASDA’s top 7 predental resources

Predental week webpageSo you’ve made up your mind that you want to be a dentist. Or you think you might want to be a dentist, but need to find out more about what that really entails. Where do you go to find answers to all these burning questions? Fortunately, the ASDA website contains a comprehensive collection of predental related material to help keep predental members well informed and on track to pursuing dentistry. While there are a myriad of resources that are all extremely helpful, the following resources are seven of ASDA’s most valuable ones (in my opinion, anyway.)

Am I “non-traditional”?

WebinarI love hearing the word “non-traditional” because it gives me a little chip on my shoulder when I describe my journey to where I’m at today. When I first heard non-traditional, I thought it was a bad connotation and got a little discouraged from it. I knew when I graduated from undergraduate that I wasn’t immediately going to apply for dental school. Not by choice, but that’s how life is sometimes.

Non-traditional students have some great stories like this and ASDA will be hosting a webinar tonight at 7p.m. CT on “Non-traditional Paths to Dental School” to highlight some of the paths these students took…

Join the celebration of ASDA Predental Week

Today kicks off our celebration of the second annual ASDA National Predental Week! ASDA chapters and predental clubs will be hosting events throughout the week, such as dental school admissions workshops, dental lab simulations and dental school tours, to engage current ASDA predental members and encourage new predentals to join ASDA. Check out our list of events to find one near you!

Let’s not water it down: Fluoride is important!

image“Lauren, the City Council just proposed an ordinance to stop fluoridating the city’s water.” Those words ignited a fire inside me much larger than I would have imagined. Coming from a home with a mother as a dental hygienist, who gave my sister and I fluoride supplements until we had access to fluoridated water, I was angered by the threat to the work my mother and the dentists in the city had done to get fluoride added to the water supply in 2000. Now, the City Council of Aberdeen was questioning the safeness and effectiveness of fluoride–again…