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5 things every predental should know

Five Things TitleAs a former president of the University of Florida’s Predental ASDA chapter, I am constantly consulted by predental students for advice. After having more conversations with predental students than I can count, here are my top five pieces of advice that every predental student should know.

How to introduce yourself to a speaker

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.11.12 AMIn this month’s Mingle Monday we’re building off of Friday’s suggestion to attend ASDA’s National Leadership Conference. Whether you’re at an ASDA meeting or a CE session or a networking event, you’ll probably run into a situation where you’d like to meet the person who just spoke at an event. It can be intimidating to introduce yourself to a speaker, but the benefits make it more than worthwhile. I made this video while working as an extern in ASDA’s national office this summer. These tips have helped me gain valuable contacts and enhance my network–I hope they help you too.

Business training now or later: It’s your choice

NLC 2013

If you’re asking yourself how you’ll manage a practice, stay on top of dental trends and be a respected leader with no formal training, you’re not alone. Like many dental students, by the time you graduate you’ve mastered the clinical aspects of dentistry but you’re pretty green when it comes to being a professional. So, what are you to do: wait until you’re a dentist and see what happens or do something about it now?

Bridging the gap: a prep-less concept

LWW thumbAs we enter clinic, it’s not uncommon that providers see patients with missing anterior teeth. Congenitally missing lateral incisors have been reported in a significant percent of the population. For those who have already studied for part 1 of NBDE, we remember that dental decks flash card that states the lateral incisor is actually the third most commonly congenitally missing tooth, behind the third molars and mandibular second premolars. To bridge the gap I, for one, would not opt to do a PFM bridge, reducing anywhere from 0.5-2mm of tooth structure from virgin adjacent teeth. However an implant, which would be the alternative to a bridge, can easily cost upwards of $5,000 each. The other option of a flipper or stayplate may be available for some, but the removable prosthesis makes it less appealing than a fixed option. Keep reading this Lab Work Wednesday!

Taking a team approach to oral health

483915271“When was the last time you visited the dentist?” “Do you floss regularly?” These two questions are an essential part of my dental history repertoire that I ask all my patients. However, this time I was not the one asking the questions, I was the one answering the questions. Earlier last year I switched my primary care physician (PCP) and was inspired by her interest in my oral health. As a dentist we often find ourselves contacting physicians for medical clearance for our medically compromised patients. We often forget that physicians and other non-dental healthcare providers can also play a vital role in promoting oral health.