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Is there a link between hypodontia and cancer?

research-spotlight-thumbnailSix years ago, Dr. Leigh Chalothorn published a study in JADA that looked at hypodontia among epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) patients. It was found that there was a prevalence of 20% for hypodontia among EOC patients, while only a 3% prevalence in the control group. This has been a major source for additional studies at “home,” aka the University of Kentucky. My particular study looked at the role of Activin βa and Activin βb and the Activin Type II receptor, which is involved in the transition from Bud-to-Cap stage of odontogenesis, across families with hypodontia to see if there was any correlation. My null hypothesis is that these genes are not associated with hypodontia.

Know your DSO: it could make a difference in your career

thumbnailCrushing student loan debt. First-job jitters. Worries about clinical performance. Just some of the concerns that weigh on today’s dental school grads. And, the reason why so many are choosing a large group practice over private practice.

In the past, dental service organizations (DSOs) were viewed very differently than they are today. The word is getting out. DSOs are not only shaking up the world of dentistry, they can be the best way to realize your career goals.

Can dental decay be reversed?

The sound of drilling on teeth… the fear of the needle before a procedure… the dreaded root canal. Ask most people why they hate the dentist and you’ll probably get one of those answers. Many people avoid the dentist for years just to avoid any of these discomforts. So could the field of dentistry change? Is there a way to reverse the decay process?

According to recent research posted in the journal of Science Translation Medicine, lasers could regrow tooth structure.

Serving the profession before dental school

Smiles in the city As a predental student from Benedictine University, I am fortunate to be an active member of my university’s predental club. Through my involvement, I have the opportunity to engage in a number of events and activities to enhance my interest in the dental profession and develop leadership in my community. One event in particular that I attended with my university’s predental organization was called Smiles in the City. The purpose of this collaborative program is to teach elementary school aged children locally and in underserved communities about the importance of oral hygiene…

Loma Linda students find meaning in volunteer clinic

photo2 For myself and about five others in my class at Loma Linda dental school, service has become an addiction. In Redlands, California, about ten minutes away from school, there is a free dental clinic that has serious impact on the underserved, some that come from as far away as Temecula, about an hour drive. The Blessing Center hosts Loma Linda dental students twice a week in the evenings to do various dental procedures from cleanings to restoratives to complicated surgical extractions…