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Tips for managing holiday stress

holiday stressIt’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but dental students may disagree. Along with final exams and patients stressing you out, holiday traveling and numerous holiday activities might be more stress than you’re ready for. So how do you manage to actually enjoy the holiday break instead of worrying about it?

Stress management requires constant practice and is a lifelong skill. Some students like to take Friday or Saturday nights off of studying, some like to stay in and hang out with friends, and still others just like to have some quiet time to themselves and recharge before the it’s time to hit the books again. Learning which strategy is right for you can be half the battle. Read on for tips on handling holiday stress…

Dentists help refugees during hard times

Displaced refugeesWe often refer to our world as the “dental school bubble.” Our world consists of all things dentistry – exams, schedules, lab work, deadlines, and, of course, the latest gossip. Somehow this list often does not include anything external to school. My brother often jokes that at the end of each semester he’d like to have a video made for me called “Things you missed this year.” However, it is hard to miss the recent news of the terrorist attack on Paris and the Syrian refugee crisis. As headlines splash across social media, newspapers and news channels, we are faced with the harsh reality that the world is not limited to our more trivial concerns.

While being pushed to our limits with school, it is easy to forget how lucky we are to be here. We have the freedom to pursue our dreams and live our lives as we please. We watch horrific events on the news. We read about equally-terrible but less-covered tragedies in news articles. These events shock you back to reality, they give you pause, and offer a perspective that we are most unfortunate to gain. Just for today, let’s try to take a look at what some of the good people are doing. It is no surprise to see that dentists are out there doing what they can, to shed some light on these dark times.

Minnesota’s Retromolar Pad tackles health and wellness

We all know that dental school is stressful. There is a constant barrage of exams, quizzes, lab practicals and deadlines, and it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind. When we lose sight of what is most important, our health and mental well-being, it can be easy to forget to give our body the things it craves – healthy food, exercise, sleep and relaxation. It is so easy to skip a workout to study a little more, or grab a quick greasy meal to save time, or even put our emotions on the back burner all in order to get the grade. Our mission for ASDA’s Wellness Committee here at the University of Minnesota is simple: we want to help students maintain balance in their lives so that even during stressful times, they can remain grounded and physically and mentally healthy.

A timeline for your ultimate predental experience

Yesterday was dental school acceptance day–the first day that dental schools start extending offers. If you aren’t quite at the point where you’re checking the mail for your acceptance letter, here are some tips on creating a compelling application.

There are endless opportunities available for predental students to enhance their applications. Most students are aware of the basic elements needed for applying to dental school: a great GPA, a high score on the Dental Admission Test, dental shadowing hours. These components are surely respected, but there are also other avenues available to leverage your experiences. It is important to discover, participate in, and highlight all potential prospects during your undergraduate career. As an enthusiastic predental student embarking on your journey toward the application and acceptance process, here are several recommendations to consider…

Instagram for dental practice advertising and branding

instaInstagram is an engaging way to capture moments and instantly share them through social media. Most people have a personal Instagram account to display their daily activities and likes. However, the social media platform is quickly becoming a branding and advertising tool for dental offices. The photo-sharing application can help dentists educate and entertain their patients, even when they are not in the office.

Manage your patient pool like a winning hand

pokerThis article originally appeared as an editorial in the August 2014 issue of ASDA News. At the time, Christian Piers was editor-in-chief of ASDA. To read more from ASDA News, click here.

Last week was my first week in clinic, and everyone wanted to tell me their secrets to success. But they weren’t secrets. It sounded like they were trying to teach me to play cards. So here’s what I think they were trying to give me—a cards-based guide to the novice in clinic…

The power of a handwritten note

writing a noteWhen was the last time you called your high school bestie? How about your cousins you used to play with as a kid? It’s so easy to get caught up with all your to-dos and school work and forget to keep in touch with those we care about. While I am personally guilty of forgetting to call or text, I recently found a more creative and meaningful way to say hello to those I haven’t seen in a while–sending a card!