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Win a copy of The ADA Practical Guide to Internet Marketing

J061_InternetMarketing_Web_ReadyPractice management and marketing is an area that we learn little about in dental school. When asking students from various schools, it seems that in general, many schools lack a curriculum that includes instruction in company/practice management, marketing, branding and financial management. Through my involvement in ASDA, I have learned the majority of what I know regarding management and marketing at ASDA conferences and workshops. The ADA Guide to Internet Marketing did a fantastic job at filling the gap and opening up the complex world of how the Internet can play into your management.

How the ACA will impact your taxes this year

taxesBy now, we have all been inundated with stories about the Affordable Care Act and how health care will dramatically change as a result. How does this impact each American financially, though?

Starting this year, when you file your personal tax return, you will need to attest to whether you have health insurance coverage. If you do not have coverage, you will pay a fine. Read on…

How to sail through the PASS/Match process

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.43.07 PMOn January 26th, a flurry of Facebook posts popped up in my newsfeed from elated students announcing their match day results. For many, match day served as the end of a long application process to various specialty programs, general practice residencies (GPRs), and advanced education in general dentistry (AEGD) programs. For some, this served as a dress rehearsal in preparation for another attempt at matching next year. Regardless, going through the Match process takes some serious effort and persistence, but a little background knowledge will help you get through without breaking a sweat.

P’s get degrees: Pass/fail grading in dental school

pass/failUp until dental school, most of us took every exam looking for that desired “A” to stay academically competitive and turn our dental dreams into reality. Currently there are a number of dental schools breaking that mold and implementing a pass-fail grading system. Anything above a set point determined by the school or professor is simply considered passing or a “P” grade. While some people question the GPA-lacking method, in 2012 the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE) announced the switch to pass-fail was being adopted by the NBDE. The JCNDE’s reason for the change was that numerical grades are not always reflective of the competencies needed to be a successful professional or resident…