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Personal accounts on why you need insurance

insuranceAs dentists, we’re in the business of prevention. But what happens when in spite of our preventive efforts, our patients develop a problem? We quickly move into damage control mode to protect our patients’ interests.  Shouldn’t we do the same for ourselves?

That’s why we need insurance.  When something happens, we want to control the damage and protect our interests.  Would you ever consider leaving an auto dealer with your new car and no auto insurance?  You have so much invested in your decision to become a dentist, and as a result of this investment, you have tremendous earning potential.  Yet although you’d insure your car without hesitation, you still haven’t insured yourself.

Maybe you just don’t know what you need.  Unfortunately, both of us got a quick education when we had to use our insurance plans early in our careers.  We are hoping that our stories will help to illustrate which insurance coverage you need as soon as you get your license, and why.

The undiscovered world of dental sleep medicine

sleep apneaOur school curriculum covers a range of techniques we will use to address patient concerns throughout our careers. But, did you know that many of us are not properly taught how to address a significant medical condition that affects about 18 million people across the nation?

Sleep apnea is a chronic medical condition characterized by a cycle of airway collapse and sleep disruption. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, this condition has increased in prevalence in the last 20 years alone. In fact, approximately 26% of adults between ages 30 and 70 in the United States suffer from sleep apnea.

How my part time job helped me find wellness

Dawson_featured“Little boys know everything about dinosaurs and cars until they discover girls, and then they forget it all.” I heard this quote once, and I can tell you that the former half of that statement isn’t far off. However, after working at a natural history museum for the past two years, I would say that I’ve met almost as many girls fascinated by dinosaurs as boys. Let’s face it: dinosaurs are cool! Whether it’s “The Land Before Time,” “We’re Back” or for younger generations “The Good Dinosaur,” the prehistoric beasts simply captivate children. So why does it stop when we get older?

Integrating care for the good of the patient

Medical staff iconsA multidisciplinary approach to health care has long been a topic of conversation. Unfortunately, most of us have yet to see it materialize. We spoke with Dr. Kenneth Kornman, DDS, PhD, president and Chief Science Officer of Interleukin Genetics, about the importance of medical and dental integration. Interleukin Genetics is developing genetic tests for several systemic diseases using markers for chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been linked with several systemic diseases, which lead to earlier morbidity and mortality. As a periodontist, Dr. Kornman is especially interested in the link between periodontal disease and systemic disease such as type 2 diabetes. A great way to address chronic systemic disease is to open the lines of communication between the medical and dental care systems.

Interleukin Genetics is developing genetic tests for several systemic diseases using markers for chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been linked with several systemic diseases, which lead to earlier morbidity and mortality.

Right now very few schools offer courses with combined medical and dental students.

6 chapter management lessons I learned at NLC

NLC 2015I was very fortunate to be selected by my chapter to attend ASDA’s National Leadership Conference last year. It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend for anyone who wishes to grow as both a leader and a professional. During my time at the Conference, I attended various sessions that were focused on ways to improve ASDA chapters, and I also learned from other ASDA chapters that were in attendance.

My time at the ASDA National Leadership Conference opened my eyes to the importance of involving dental students from all different classes in our local chapter, brainstorming ideas and organizing events. I hope we can spread the ASDA fever and work to make our local ASDA chapter more collaborative and innovative.

DAT study tips and a free webinar

Studying for the DAT

Is the DAT stressing you out? You’re not alone. Preparing for the DAT is probably the most intimidating part of the dental school application process. But don’t get lost in counting cubes or memorizing reactions! Below are tips on how to succeed at the DAT and stay calm at the same time.

Read on for DAT study tips…

Dental informatics help make informed decisions

computer technologyImagine if all the patient information you record could be seen with interactive charts. Do you think patients would be better educated about their disease progression if they could see computer renderings of their bone receding over time? Could interpreting pocket depth measurements graphically help with diagnosis or patient education?

Dentists are meticulous, analyzing and recording patient information and perfecting our preparations to the millimeter. Yet there is a general lack of awareness regarding dental informatics, a spectrum of dentistry dedicated to data collection, analysis and interpretation of what we practice regularly.