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Student Research Spotlight: P. gingivalis and macrophages in hide and seek

researchThe Boesze-Battaglia lab in the Biochemistry Department at University of Pennsylvania – School of Dental Medicine is investigating P. gingivalis’s journey upon phagocytosis by macrophages and how changes in MREG expression may influence this pathway. We specifically determine whether P. gingivalis can alter endosomal trafficking by effecting MREG expression. Evidence suggests that P. gingivalis escapes immediate degradation through colocalization with MREG and LC3II positive autophagosomes in murine macrophages. This could allow P. gingivalis to survive in nutrient-rich intracellular niches and may be a virulence factor.

How to film a high-quality video interview

Video-imageA great way to add quality material to your ASDA chapter website is to interview your very own members! They can be local leaders, members who have gone on international dental trips, or just a fellow classmate with an interesting story to share about their road to dentistry. Maybe you have an amazing professor you’d love to interview. The options are endless. Here are some tips designed to help you film, edit and produce awesome interview videos.

Sports get a little less smoky

Whether it be football, basketball or baseball, they are all sports that require top notch athletic abilities. It’s not just about the ball handling skills or how many yards the QB can throw the ball. It’s also about the nutrition and the healthy lifestyle of the athlete. Tobacco is one way an athlete can detriment their abilities. It is for good reason that the NCAA has placed a ban on the usage of tobacco for any student-athlete, coach, or game official.

A healthy body equals a healthy mind

Work it outStress: a word that may be all too familiar in dental school. It can be our worst enemy and sometimes very hard to cope with. With the pressure of exams, competencies, deadlines and the constant game of playing catch-up, feeling stressed is often too well known to a dental student. It is important for us to maintain solid mental health to tackle all of the challenges of dental school and make clear, focused clinical choices. One way to do so is to be active and maintain strong physical health. Exercise can be anything, as long as it gets your blood pumping. Here are a few suggestions…

3 credit card myths

credit cardLet’s talk about credit cards: the good, the bad, the not-so-ugly. Most adults have at least one credit card that they use frequently. With the influx of technology in recent years, paper use has decreased; this includes the use of money. People don’t carry or use cash as often. A credit card is easier to carry, offers rewards or points and (uh oh) allows you to carry a balance. While credit cards are great in that they allow you to build credit history, people often sign up before entirely understanding what they are getting into. Here are some of the MYTHS about credit card use…