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Graduation: Looking back on lessons learned

Graduation Caps Thrown in the AirGraduation is here, and you can almost see the finish line. After D4 requirements, NBDE Part II, residency applications and licensure clinical exams: poof, you’ll be a dentist! The blood, sweat and tears that you put in over the last four years are finally going to pay off. When thinking about the last few years, I began to wonder: Am I better off today than I was four years ago?

First comes love, then comes dental school: Planning a wedding on busy schedule


After my fiancé got down on one knee and placed the ring on my finger, there was about a 24 hour time lapse before I felt the world closing in on me. I had already over-committed to extracurricular activities and I had both my NBDE and clinical entrance exams to prepare for this year. How was I going to manage planning my dream wedding on top of that?

How to find the right fitness class for you

fitness classWhen I initially started taking fitness classes, I was intimidated by the sheer volume of classes offered by my local gym. I wished that there was a comprehensive beginner’s guide to help me choose a class that aligned with my fitness level and goals. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to stay physically active, read on to find out which of my top three favorite fitness classes is right for you.

Steps to success in clinical dental photography

LauraTsuPacific17_Clinical PhotographyWith technology’s growing presence within dentistry, having photographs of our dental work has become increasingly crucial. Clinical photographs can provide documentation, help patients visualize their intraoral conditions, and most importantly, showcase all your hard work. When searching for employment opportunities, photographs of your dental work can flaunt your abilities as a clinician.

The road to Most Improved Chapter

2015-2016The winner for Most Improved Chapter is……it’s this moment when every chapter president starts to hope  “this is my year. Maybe my chapter has made enough changes. Maybe our Gold Crown Award application was perfect this year. It has to be us!” These are the thoughts that start racing through your mind, the hope that this year your chapter will accomplish something special. Only one chapter can be awarded “Most Improved,” and in 2016 that chapter was Roseman ASDA (#RUASDA).

How research opens doors in dental school

Servais posterAs a second year dental student at the University of Minnesota, I embraced the chance to participate in the school’s summer research fellowship without any expectations (except the promised stipend). I chose to spend my last free summer working in a research lab instead of traveling like most of my classmates. I thought I would miss out on the chance to have fun during the summer, but I failed to recognize all of the opportunities that would be available to me as a student researcher. Involvement in research has allowed me to travel across the country to present my research, which provided me networking opportunities, public speaking experience and an orientation to research within the profession.

Free malpractice insurance: Ask before you sign

Survival kit tooth_CUT At this point in your career, we’re sure you’ve heard of employers offering to pay for your malpractice coverage. Is there a catch? Perhaps. As part of The Medical Protective Company’s (“MedPro”) commitment to dental students, we want you to feel comfortable, well-educated and in control when selecting your first malpractice insurance policy. To help you, we’ve put together some tips on how you can accomplish this.