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Perhaps you’ve heard the news: starting in January 2014, eligible ASDA and ADA student members automatically receive both ADA-sponsored Student Members Life and Disability Insurance.*  Insurance is the cornerstone of a solid financial plan and having it in place will better prepare you for your bright future in dentistry.

Your ADA student member insurance provides:

  1. Debt protection: helps to pay off your student loans in the event of your death
  2. Dental practice start-up and/or acquisition financing: serves as collateral for a loan to build or purchase your dental practice
  3. Protection for your future insurability: enables you to be protected and stay protected while your career advances, regardless of your health as you get older

To view your ADA student member insurance coverage, create your login and register your account online. Doing so will let you:

  • Quickly access your account and member coverage information
  • Receive important updates about your coverage throughout your dental career — (D4s, this means you need to create a login to register online before you graduate!)
  • easily update your contact and beneficiary information

Get a complimentary $5 coffee card when you create your login to register online by March 31.  So why not take care of it now, when you have the link handy?

* For more on eligibility, pre-existing conditions, auto-enrollment details and the option to decline coverage, click here..

~ADA Members Insurance Plans

About ADA Members Insurance Plans

ADA Members Insurance Plans provides dental students with no-cost ADA-sponsored Student Members Life and Disability insurance as a benefit of ADA student membership. After graduation, these insurance plans can convert to coverage for practicing ADA member dentists.

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