Welcome to Residency Week! Each year, ASDA’s blogging team does a feature on getting into a residency. We post five times in the week and offer tips for interviews, applications and the PASS/Match process. Here are past posts from the inaugural Residency Week:




Getting down with ‘dat ADAT

ADAT_residencyweekIf you are anything like me, the Dental Admission Test (DAT) brings back stressful memories of hours upon hours of studying. There were cubes and keyholes, phylums and double bonds, sine and cosine. They were all appearing to be an intellectual tangent to what we would actually need to know in dental school. Now that we have managed to suppress the memory of the DAT, it seems to be back with a vengeance, known as the Advanced Dental Admission Test (ADAT). So what is this Advanced DAT and how will it affect you? This brand new exam is meant for those applying to advanced dental education or residency programs. I have compiled a few simple facts to help you navigate this new test. (Deep breathe in… and out… Here we go!)

How to get the perfect letter of recommendation

letters_residencyweekYou’ve worked your tail off throughout dental school to make good grades and pass NBDE Parts I and II, but there’s one more thing so crucial to that residency application: recommendation letters. Programs can see on paper how well you have performed academically these past few years, but it’s the letters from those who know you best that really make your application stand out. After going through the process this past year, I have a few tips for getting the right recommendation letters and thanking those who supported you.

Residency red flags! How to fix common roadblocks in residency

obstacles_residencyweekNothing’s perfect. This holds true for your first dental assistant, your first practice, your first crown prep and even your first residency.  Setting expectations and learning about yourself is the best wisdom you can take away from your residency. Here are some red flags to look for and tips to deal with common issues. First, aim for excellence, not perfection. Also, residency is one of the best experiences you can have. These red flags will simply prepare you for roadblocks you might face and how to fix it!

What to bring on the first day of residency

whattobring_residencyweekI’ve officially completed one month of oral and maxillofacial surgery residency at Georgia Regents University! Woo! That’s 2.08% of residency in the books. Looking back, here’s a list of things that helped make my life easier and my days run more smoothly. Although I didn’t have them all on day one, had I known earlier, it would have saved me some time (and stress) running around purchasing items while also adjusting to life as a resident.

Treat your residency interviews like dating

firstdate_residencyweekFresh off General Practice Residency application season and Match Day being a thing of the past, I have to admit that the interview process was not what I expected. More importantly, it was very unlike the process of interviewing for admittance into dental school. Strangely enough, our faculty “advisor” for interviewing and CV review could not have been more wrong with his advice. And for that, I am thankful.

Read on to find out why residency interviews are just like dating…