A look at Abraham Lincoln’s oral health

lincolnTwo years ago, award-winning director Steven Spielberg, and cast members Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, spent a few weeks in Richmond, VA filming blockbuster “Lincoln.” During their time here, the city was abuzz with changed traffic patterns, gentlemen in top hats, and rumors of where Spielberg and crew were having dinner. Admittedly, I made several trips by Richmond’s Capitol Square on my way home from school to see if I could catch a glimpse of filming. Since then, I’m interested in all things Lincoln.

Today we celebrate the 205th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth—read on for tales of Lincoln’s oral health.

NBDE tips and a chance to win test reprints!

studyingOf all the exams we face throughout dental school, the two parts of the National Board Dental Examination are perhaps the most important. According to the American Dental Association, the purpose of the NBDE parts I and II exist “to assist state boards in determining qualifications of dentists who seek licensure to practice dentistry.” In short, these exams serve as the first steps in the licensure process. Keep reading for links to resources and a chance to win test reprints!

Preparing a gold inlay

photo 2The next time a patient presents to your clinic for an intracoronal filling like an MOD, MO, or DO, stop and think. Have you really explored all your treatment alternatives?

I was privileged this past summer to join the VCU Restorative Study Club led by my general practice group leader Dr. Thomas Vahdani. I was introduced for the first time to the Tucker techniques. Dr Tucker was the founder of the Academy of Richard V. Tucker Study Clubs. He made a set of preparation designs and operative protocols that has led to techniques for cast gold restorations known as the Tucker Technique. Read more…

District 4 second annual meeting a success

District4MeetingFor the second annual District 4 Meeting, over sixty of ASDA’s best and brightest traveled to Raleigh, NC, to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with the one they love the most–ASDA! In place of boxed chocolates and dozens of roses, District 4 offered up a content packed meeting, complete with sessions on chapter building, continuing education classes, and a vendor fair…