Win $2,000: ADA Ethics Video Contest

If you were at the ADA’s or ASDA’s Annual Session, you watched last year’s winning video from the ADA Ethics Video Contest (stills at right). University of Washington students, Phillip Cronin, Blake Hillstead and Brad Jonnes, won first place with a monetary award of $2000 with the video, “Dentethics.” Kei Chan, Hai Do and Levon… Read more »

Video How-To: Delivering Criticism

Earlier this month, ASDA’s national leaders came to Chicago for the Spring Leadership Conference. A jam-packed weekend of leadership training included professional speakers, leadership development experts from other associations and a few of ASDA’s own alums to round out the group. A crowd favorite is Dr. Chris Salierno, a past ASDA president and practicing NY… Read more »

Thursday Night Recap & Journalism Awards

Journalism Awards Chapters were honored today for excellence in journalistic contributions at the Journalism Awards Luncheon. ASDA’s Editorial Board spent many hours judging chapter newsletters, chapter websites and articles written for ASDA News and Mouth. There were ten finalists for the Outstanding Article Awards. Each article was given a careful re-reading and judged based on… Read more »

ASDA Recruitment 101

Dr. Chris Salierno, past ASDA president, spoke at the 2010 Western Regional Meeting about introductions and recruitment. There is an art to recruiting members to your ASDA chapter, and Dr. Salierno is here to help. Watch the video and learn how to introduce yourself in a professional manner and tap into members who have potential… Read more »

Final Eastern Regional Meeting Video

In one week, the West coast dental scene is coming to Chicago for ASDA’s Western Regional Meeting. This covers districts 8-11 and lands on Halloween weekend. Get your costumes and your ASDA fever ready! Before we launch into another meeting, let’s wrap up the Eastern Regional Meeting with another video. Here, Contributing Editor Colleen Greene… Read more »

Eastern Regional Meeting Video

The Eastern Regional Meeting was a big success. Held in Chicago the weekend before last, the meeting hosted chapters from districts 1-3. Watch Contributing Editor Colleen Greene talk with attendees on what made the meeting so memorable.

Eastern Regional Meeting a Success!

Happy Monday. I spent my weekend at the Eastern Regional Meeting here in Chicago. I got to meet lots of students from districts 1, 2 and 3, and witness the enthusiasm that runs this organization. As assistant editor, I spend much of my time at my desk editing and laying out the content that runs… Read more »