The many purposes of a dental student

Our main purpose as dental students is to educate others on oral health, provide care to the public through our respective universities at a reduced cost, and become competent practitioners ready for life outside clinic walls. But we have another purpose that you may not recognize at first. As dental students we contribute greatly to the economy. Below is a list of how we contribute to small business, big corporations, and even a few unique ones that solely exist just for dental students.

1. Coffee shops- My class just finished studying and taking NBDE Part 1. I can’t even count how many of us received our Starbucks gold cards this past semester.
2. Laptop things and accessories- Cough cough Apple products, self-explanatory.
3. Bad fast food restaurants that you don’t like but are forced to eat when you stay late studying at school- This is how bad food places stay in business. They should thank us for being too busy to find something better to eat.
4. Banks- Loan money with crazy interest rates that we accept without batting an eyelash.
5. Practice dental supplies- We save our dental school money by using expired products in simlab, like amalgam, composite, and Optibond FL.
6. Super glue industry- How many times has your 3 unit bridge provisional broken during a psychomotor and super glue saved your butt? Thank you Harry Coover.
7. Extra janitorial services- Because some students are still used to their mothers cleaning up after them.
8. White coat and scrub manufacturers- Over half my closet is ceil blue scrubs.
9. Bars- Where we go to get a break from school, but you know we can’t stop talking about it anyways.
10. Loupes- At least the loupe industry can count on a new incoming class every year to keep them in business. Let’s be real, you only buy loupes a few times in your life.
11. Plastic teeth and dentoforms- 2 dentoforms = 1 new Macbook Air. 1 practice session = 5 plastic teeth = $10 = dinner you skipped to practice. These little teeth are expensive.

~Carolyn Norton, Florida ’14, Contributing Editor

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  1. Katie Divine

    All very true – #11 is too true… I didn’t realize how expensive they are, I’d much rather have a MacBook Air (see #2, haha).


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