YouTube Star “David After the Dentist” Gets Second Shot at Fame

David DeVore, now 9 years old, is the recognizeable kid whose father recorded his hazy car ride home from the dentist. David asks his father “is this real life?” as he babbles incoherently after a dental appointment. Surely you’ve seen it, since this video went viral and has been viewed 65 million times. Now David is back and this time he’s promoting a light-up tooth brush with a timer. The New York Times blog “Media Decoder” explains how the drowsy patient was tracked down and wooed to star in an Internet commercial that is hoped to be another viral hit. Read the blog post on David DeVore’s next gig here.

~Kim Schneider, Assistant Editor

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  1. Chris

    Hahaha, that was great! Quite entertaining seeing him explain how to use it to his younger brother. Now it’ll be interesting to see if the commercial will become a viral video… I don’t really think it will be as big a hit as “David After the Dentist” but there will be at least a good portion of the 65 million viewers who will want to see what this commercial is about.


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