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A brief introduction to intraoral piercings

Throughout the millennia, people around the world have modified their bodies with piercings and tattoos. In recent years, the dental profession has seen a rise in modifications in the oral cavity, especially among young people. Though on the surface these piercings may seem decorative, they come with myriad side effects.

Student Spotlight

Transitioning from sim lab to clinic

As a first- and second-year dental student, it’s easy to lose perspective of what dentistry really entails. You get caught up in the intricacies of how to do a crown prep or knowing the anatomy of the floor of the mouth. As the pre-clinical courses came to an end, I found myself constantly scrambling in the simulation lab, as any other second-year dental student can relate.


Exploring student loan options tailored for dental students

Last year, we heard from ASDA, current dental students and their financial aid officers that there was a need for a better option to cover the cost of dental school. We’ve also worked with thousands of doctors and dentists in our refinance business, so we knew the challenges they face in paying for school and wanted to help lower the cost.