Management + Leadership

How to stay organized and HIPAA-compliant in clinic

Starting clinic in dental school is a refreshing change of pace for students. The excitement and anticipation of treating patients also comes with the responsibility of keeping track of everything you do. For many students who are in charge of contacting their own patients to schedule appointments, it is critical to have a system in place so no one is forgotten. A missed appointment here or a rescheduled visit there can easily cause a patient to slip through the cracks if we aren’t aware of all the care we provide.


Every gesture helps: Discussing mental health with patients

Eaten up with guilt, shame and fear, I’ll never forget the young teenaged patient who nervously answered “yes” when I asked if she had any eating disorders while filling out her medical history. I had been nervously anticipating the day I’d encounter a patient who would respond affirmatively to this question because I’d been in her situation before. 

News + Issues

World Patient Safety Day and increasing awareness about dental quacking

While visiting the dentist can be uncomfortable, it is important that our patients are well-informed when choosing a provider. Ahead of World Patient Safety Day on Sept.17, we want to raise awareness about an issue that many may not have heard of: dental quacking.