Diversity + Outreach

Serving as a bridge to the Nashville community

When I started at Meharry Medical College, I decided to dedicate my time at the first volunteer event they hosted: the Mt. Zion Back-to-School Event. We provided 38 free screenings and care to both children and adults. From this moment on, I was inspired to continue my journey in serving those less fortunate than myself.


4 ways private practice dentists can help improve pediatric access to care

Strengthening the ways in which children in our neighborhoods have access to quality dental care can be greatly influenced by practicing dentists in the area. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children from low-income families and ethnic minorities have been shown to have substandard oral hygiene, less …

Diversity + Outreach

How my childhood influenced my need to pay it forward

I grew up on an acre of land with fruit trees, a massive vegetable garden and just a few animals to care for. While it may sound like I grew up with a luxury many lack, the reality is that my family of 14 was hardly scraping by. We used public help services from time to time, although my parent’s philosophy was to “only take what you need.”

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Social media’s impact on dental inequality

Long before Photoshop and Instagram filters, ancient civilizations enhanced their smiles the old-fashioned way. The Mayans filled holes in their teeth with jade, Etruscans perfected rudimentary golden grills, and Egyptians crushed rock, mint and dried iris flower to create the world’s oldest identified toothpaste.