Lynna Van

Lynna is an Oklahoma native and graduated from the University of Tulsa in 2015 with a B.S. in Biology. Outside of dental school, Lynna can be found crafting in her home studio, shopping at an antique market or trying something new, like aerial silks.

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  1. Chelsea Rajagopalan says:

    Such great tips, Lynna! Thanks a bunch for sharing. My favorite is the #10 Pro Tip — I do that too! Even if it’s a reply, I’ll erase the email address until my response is in tip-top shape (so I don’t accidentally send a less-than-ideal message), then re-enter the recipient’s address.

    1. Lynna Van says:

      Thanks for reading, Chelsea! They’re training us well, aren’t they? From preps to e-mails, “ideal” is the aim!

  2. 10 tips for writing a professional email was the best tips ever for writing a professional email. Thanks a bunch for sharing Lynna Van. very quality writing and so informative too. In my opinion, That’s the A to Z about email writing.

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