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3 creative uses for household dental products

Tooth brush
You can’t begin to browse Facebook or Pinterest without a listicle popping up about “X number of ways to use Household Product A.” And don’t kid yourself, if you’re curious like me you’ve probably clicked on a number of these articles. (It still amazes me the number of things you can do with Dawn dish soap!)

Speaking of listicles allow me to share one with you now. My family is notorious for coming up with unique solutions to problems. This creative problem solving has often lead to household objects being used in ways other than their original intentions – including floss, toothpaste and mouthwash.

1. Floss – Auto Maintenance 101

Normally we use floss to get to the cracks and crevices our toothbrush can’t reach. My dad and I, on the other hand, have used it to fix a crack in my mom’s soft top convertible. After multiple attempts at sewing up the tear using various thread, string and twine, my dad had the bright idea to use dental floss. Lo and behold the floss worked and ended up keeping the top of the convertible together for more than a year. So the next time you have a difficult sewing project and thread is not doing the job, consider floss.

2. Toothpaste – Gallery Wall Necessity

In college I was obsessed with creating gallery walls in my apartment. A gallery wall is a large group of pictures hung together in a strategic pattern. I had an eye for gallery walls and each was more elaborate than the next. Therefore, I spent a lot of time hanging up photos and went through quite a bit of toothpaste. Why toothpaste? Well, if you put a drop of toothpaste on the photo frame where the hanger is and then position the frame on the wall where’d you like to hang it, the toothpaste leaves a small mark on your wall where you can put your nail. Once the nail is in, you can wipe away the access toothpaste. (When you move out, you can use white toothpaste to fill in the nail holes; but your landlord may not appreciate this hack.)

3. Mouthwash – Mint to be Haircare

As most girls know, the more product we put on our hair the more gross build up we get on our scalps. Yuck. Before you reach for a special shampoo to remedy the problem, consider mouthwash instead. With its antiseptic properties, it’s great for stripping the grime from our hair. So the next time you’re in the shower, give it a go. Not only will your scalp feel better, but your hair will smell minty fresh!

There are so many other ways to use these products in addition to what I’ve mentioned above (see here, here and here). What other unique uses have you found for these products? Comment below.

~Kerri Richardson, M.S., digital content coordinator

Kerri Richardson

Kerri Richardson is the digital content coordinator of the American Student Dental Association. She works with ASDA's website, email marketing, Instagram and Pinterest. If you have questions about the website, emails, or this blog, you can contact her at

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  1. It’s true that common dental products do have other uses! As long as you still use them for your mouth, it couldn’t hurt to use them elsewhere. For instance, floss really is a durable replacement for sewing thread!

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