3 steps to hiring a CRUSH it team


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As the old adage says: “together each accomplishes more.”  So, in that spirit, I thought I’d mix it up this time and give you a very valuable private practice nugget.  How to hire a CRUSH it Team.

#1 Write a CRUSH it job description and disseminate

Seem simple?  I agree!  HOWEVER most dental practices miss on this in a HUGE WAY!  Why?  They don’t know who their ideal applicant is.  Sound crazy?  Agree…but most dental practices think they are looking for a hygienist or an assistant or an administrative team member.  On one hand…they are.  On the more important hand…that’s WAY TOO simplistic.

Let’s take an administrative team member as our example.  What specific skill set does your new admin team member need?  Will they be answering the phone…greeting patients…OR…will they be working your books, tracking practice metrics??

These are 2 VERY DIFFERENT people.  Your job description needs to reflect that.  When it does, you’ll filter out the wrong peeps and filter in the right ones.

#2 Schedule a 15-minute call

You’re busy and time is money.  Scheduling a 15- minute call with an existing team member you trust to be a super judge of character is a great way to narrow the field.  Your one goal…will your team LIKE this candidate?  At this preliminary stage, that’s all that matters.  With the applicant’s resume’ in hand, you know what skills they have…or at least they claim to… lol.  Determining likability is the next step.

#3 The Scenario driven Interview…Doc, then team

It’s game time.  Are you ready?

This is the #1 place we dental pros fall down and most of the time…we don’t get up.  Most of the time we have no idea what to ask.  We think we do…we even plan it out…in our heads…and then because we don’t write it down…we forget everything.  So let’s make this the easiest S in the KISS process.

  • Write out your questions ahead of time
  • Create 2-3 scenarios that happen all the time in your practice that this potential teammate will need to manage.
  • Keep it easy and introduce the first scenario…and then the second…and so on.

Once you feel great about asking everything you need to ask, pass the baton to your entire team.  Buy lunch for everyone, leave the office, and let your team and the applicant have a great conversation.

 I LOVE this for 2 big reasons:

1st…it’s a chance for your team to say YES…or not so much.

2nd…in the unlikely event you hire the wrong person and they don’t work out, it was a team hire and there are no “I can’t believe you brought this person on” convos.  AKA, your team is accountable AND  has a vested interest in the new team member’s success.

If you found this helpful,

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Till Next Time…

Together We Rise,

~Dr. David Rice, founder, igniteDDS

David Rice

Dr. Rice graduated in 1994 from Buffalo’s Dental School. In 1995, he completed a GPR. From there, he completed continuums at the Pankey Institute, Dawson & Spear Centers. He practices privately in Amherst, NY and is the founder of igniteDDS.

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