3 ways to WIN BIG in dental school and life?


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If experience has taught me anything, it’s this.  The most successful people are:


Passionate and very


I know…I know…dental school…winning..?  What’s the next igniteDDS post going to be on…Unicorns? 🙂

I’ve seen said unicorn…so here goes…


Be honest…Do you prefer your upbeat classmates?  Or the whiney ones?

And if you had to guess…would you imagine your faculty feel the same?

I get it.  Dental school can wear you down.  That said, every morning YOU get to choose.  Do I want to be a 10/10 or a 2/10.  It’s your choice…

Not the tool faculty…

The crazy exam schedule…

The nutty patients…

YOUR number dictates YOUR success.


You’ve heard the phrase…love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.  Question is…how do you keep your fire burning when school does it’s best to put it out?

Remember this.  Dental school, like every other challenge in life…is a moment in time.  I know it feels like an eternity…it will pass.

Enjoy the moments when they’re great…

Take a deep breath when the moments aren’t so great…

The next great one is right around the corner.


Remember when your mom and dad kept you from playing with little Johnny or Susie down the street.  Why’d they do that?

Birds of a feather flock together…

aka…if little Johnny or Susie are bad kids, and you spend too much time together, guess who’s going to be the next bad kid in the neighborhood?

Choose your friends wisely.  Statistics show that you will be the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Dental school is hard.  Trust me…I remember.  22 years later, I still get chills walking into Room B28 at Buffalo’s Dental School.  Embrace Positivity…Passion…Selectivity.  And when you’re looking for the right people to help you make that happen, come to igniteDDS.  We’d love to help!!

Together We Rise!

~Dr R

David Rice

Dr. Rice graduated in 1994 from Buffalo’s Dental School. In 1995, he completed a GPR. From there, he completed continuums at the Pankey Institute, Dawson & Spear Centers. He practices privately in Amherst, NY and is the founder of igniteDDS.

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