3 wellness resources to stay centered

ASDA has a host of resources on its website. You can find a glossary of financial terms, predental resources, ASDA publications and more. But did you know that ASDA also has resources specifically geared towards your wellness? Here are three wellness resources worth checking out:

A list of resources at each dental school – Nearly every dental school offers counseling services and mental health resources through the university. ASDA called each program to find out exactly what each program offers and what costs are associated. If you’ve considered seeing someone to talk about stress or other issues, this is the place to start. Most schools offer counseling services that range from grief counseling to couples counseling and more.

Wellness challenges – This month’s wellness challenge is to get outside: “Choose 10 days this April and spend at least 30 minutes outside. Read a book, throw around a Frisbee or plan a hike in an area park. Join a few friends for lunch on the lawn and soak up some sun. You’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated, and sleep better at night. Nature is good for you – go spend some time with it.” Look through past wellness challenges to find new ways to be well.

Wellness webinars – Even if you missed these webinars on the first go, you can watch recordings to soak up all the wisdom. Topics range from stress, mindfulness and grief. Experts impart tips for staying well despite the rigors of dental school.

What helps you stay well in dental school? Tell us your tips in the comments below!

~Kim Kelly, senior manager, publications

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