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5 video accessories less than $100

Video Accessories

Videos are still on the rise among chapters. YouTube channels are exploding with chapter and district videos and you better believe that people are watching them.

From my experience, the difference between a high-quality video and one that your chapter would rather not post can be as easy as having the right accessories to help you film. Below are five video accessories that you can find for less than $100 that will help you take your videos to the next level.

  1. Lights

One of the biggest benefits of video is allowing the viewer to see an event, an interview or a different perspective on a topic. There is no use in filming a video if you can’t accomplish that. A nice, high quality camera light can be found online for as low as $25.

  1. External Mic

To me, there is nothing worse than a video that does not have good audio. A good external mic that can plug right into your camera or iPhone starts at around $50.

  1. Tripod/Monopod/Stabilizer

Unless you are filming a Bourne movie, it is best to keep your video as stable as possible. To help with this, you can use a tripod, monopod or a camera stabilizer. The nice thing about this accessory is that they make them for video cameras and cell phones. Cell phone tripods are as low as a few dollars and stabilizers are around $35. For cameras, there are tripods, monopods and stabilizers that are $30 and up.

  1. Backdrop

A natural backdrop for a video can really add to the story you are telling: the capitol building behind a National Dental Student Lobby Day recap video or a busy clinic behind a student talking about his experiences during second year for a “Day in the Life” video. However, sometimes what is going on in the background can be distracting and it helps to have a backdrop to cover it up. You can find one of those for only $50.

  1. Programs

The ability to edit your footage or enhance your audio is vital to making a video. Of course there are programs that probably come with whatever computer you have, but there are also some that are either free or at low cost that can give you even more power. One is Audacity, which is a free audio editor for any operating system. Another is the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, which is available to students for only $19.99 per month and is one of the most powerful program collections available.

Although the high-end version of these accessories can be hundreds of dollars, you can find decent ones for under $100 and the quality that they can bring to your videos can be priceless.

~Kyle Larsen, Colorado ’17, District 9 Trustee

Dr. Kyle Larsen

Dr. Kyle Larsen, Colorado '17, is a National Health Service Corps Scholar and currently works for a community health clinic in rural Colorado. While in dental school, he held various positions within ASDA including chapter president and 2015-2016 District 9 trustee. He also is the president of the Southeastern Colorado Dental Society.

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