9 things to bring on an interview

Dental school interviews can be a stressful experience. Here are a few suggestions for things to bring along to make sure you interview day goes as smoothly as possible. (Hey fourth years, these tips are great for job and residency interviews too!)

1. Book: Interview days often involve a lot of traveling and waiting. After arriving at the dental school, you shouldn’t be on your phone, and you can only read through the information packet so many times. Having a good book will not only give you something to do before your interview day starts, but it can also be a great conversation starter for your interviewer. However, once the day begins, it is also a good idea to be social and get to know the other interviewees.

2. Mirror: You don’t want the piece of bagel stuck in your teeth from breakfast to be the first impression you make. A quick look in your mirror can prevent that from happening.

3. Mints: Sometimes interviews are right after a meal. After checking that your teeth are clear, make sure your breath leaves a good impression too. Also, offering mints to your fellow interviewees is a great way to make friends.

4. Band-Aids: Whether it’s a pesky hangnail, a paper cut from the financial planning handout, or your shiny new interview shoes scraping your heel, having a Band-Aid handy is always helpful.

5. Snack: You might be too nervous to eat breakfast, and there is usually a packed schedule before lunch. You’ll be glad you have a snack with you, in case your stomach starts rumbling a few minutes before your interview.

6. Something supplemental to add to your application: Chances are you will have done something impressive since submitting your application, or there is something you did prior that you couldn’t fit into AADSAS. Having something to add to your application during your interview will show that you’ve still been working hard and have even more to offer as an applicant. Some examples include a volunteer project you’re working on, an article you’ve written, or an update to research you’ve been conducting.

7. Pen & paper: You will be given a lot of information about the school that you will want to write down and remember. Also, faculty and dental students will often give out their email addresses in case you have questions after the interview. Having a pen and paper will definitely come in handy.

8. Weather gear: Each school will take you on a tour of their facilities, some of which will include going outside. Check the weather in advance and bring along anything you may need, such as sunglasses or an umbrella.

9. A bright smile: It is important to have a good attitude, and to be warm and friendly to everyone you interact with at your interview. Admissions staff and current dental students take note of this.

Good luck! For more interview tips from ASDA, click here.

~ Jill Markowitz, ASDA predental advisory committee

Jill Markowitz

Jill graduated from Cornell University in 2012, completed her post-baccalaureate program at Hofstra University in 2013, and will be starting dental school in the Fall of 2014. She is currently working as an assistant to an Oral Surgeon. Jill is also a member of ASDA's first Predental Advisory Committee, and has loved working with other passionate predental and dental students across the country.

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  1. In lieu of a mirror, the reverse camera feature on most smart phones works great, as well.

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