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A strong CV = the foundation of good networking

We’ve shown you a lot of networking tips here on Mingle Monday, but did you ever consider your CV as a networking tool? Of course it is! Here’s the scenario: You meet a dentist at a state society function and you hit it off. You tell him you’d love it if he could look over your CV because you’re looking to match in a residency program next year. Send him the CV a day or two later, receive feedback and take his suggestions to heart. You never know who this dentist is connected to and where this CV swap can take you. Maybe he’ll notice some work you did with Give Kids a Smile and hook you up with a colleague who shares your philanthropic passion and can jump start your career.

So how do you get a killer CV? Look no further than the dental association that brought you Lab Work Wednesdays and Money Mondays! ASDA has a wealth of resources on tailoring your CV for success. Past President Dr. Colleen Greene is ASDA’s CV guru and has recorded some of her best tips for crafting a winning CV. Watch the video below and checkout the other resources ASDA has to offer.

ASDA’s CV Resources:

~Kim Schneider, publications manager

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  1. Ivana says:

    Thank you! These are great tips.

  2. Persoee says:

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