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A ‘TAD’ different way to use media in your chapter

Danny ThumbWe’ve all used media in some form or another in our chapter. Promotion, event recaps, or even simply for entertainment. But have you ever thought of using it to improve your public speaking skills? Neither did we.

I love public speaking, but I know I am in the minority. What I am not in the minority with, however, is wishing I were better at it. Ever since I was first elected into an ASDA position my DS1 year, people have been asking me for opportunities to improve their public speaking skills. Until recently, I really didn’t know how to help them or give them those opportunities. Then one day, as I was pondering dental terms that I could use in ASDA puns as I often do, it hit me—we can have our members give lunch and learn presentations. Thus, TAD Talks were born.

Modeled after the world-famous TED Talks, we introduced a special lunch and learn series titled “TAD Talks.” We redefined TAD (originally meaning a Temporary Anchoring Device in orthodontics) to mean Topics About Dentistry and gave freedom to our chapter members to speak on any topic that they would like, as long as they felt passionate about it, considered it worthy of sharing and could keep the presentation to around 20 minutes. They would provide the talk and we would provide the food. We immediately began receiving submissions to speak and this past week we were able to hold our very first TAD Talk. Our D1 ASDA representative, Danny Adler, took the stage and gave a presentation on how to more effectively accept and receive advice—all while we recorded that he could watch it later and use it to improve his public speaking (see his video on our YouTube channel here).

The possibilities and uses for media are endless and I doubt we have even scratched the surface. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and think about things just a tad bit differently than before. You never know what ideas may come up.

Do you use media in a unique way at your chapter? Comment below!

~Kyle Larsen, Colorado ’17, District 9 trustee

Dr. Kyle Larsen

Dr. Kyle Larsen, Colorado '17, is a National Health Service Corps Scholar and currently works for a community health clinic in rural Colorado. While in dental school, he held various positions within ASDA including chapter president and 2015-2016 District 9 trustee. He also is the president of the Southeastern Colorado Dental Society.

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