A Tour of A-dec

While home in Oregon over spring break, I had a chance to head out to Newberg, and take a tour of A-dec. A-dec (Austin-Dental Equipment Company) is most likely the supplier of the dental equipment at your dental school. This family-built business supplies about 90% of dental schools and is one of the biggest dental equipment manufacturers in the world. With roughly 1,000 employees, they supply over 100 countries and have created products revolutionizing dentistry.

Ken & Joan Austin founded A-dec in 1964 and worked on improving oral evacuation systems, incorporated mobile tray carts for dental assistants and kept expanding their ideas and products. Along the way, they recognized the importance of caring for their employees and community. A-dec has often been named one of the best places to work and most admired company, as well as having received many awards and recognition for their philanthropy. Employees are taken care of with full benefits from day one, a retirement package, and A-dec will even help pay for college through a tuition reimbursement plan.

Something else I thought was cool about A-dec was that all employees are rotated through the manufacturing process – even if they are working in customer service. This way, everyone has the experience and knowledge to speak about products and understand customer issues. In addition, technicians are trained at company headquarters and spare parts are easy to come by as it is all made on-site.

If you ever head out to Newberg, Oregon, I recommend getting in touch with A-dec and taking a tour. You are walked through their many manufacturing buildings to check out the machinery and robots at work and you’ll get to see a variety of showrooms for operatory set-ups. Other dentists from around the U.S. were there getting tours and they even get visits by government and health officials coming from different countries to check things out!
~Katie Divine, Minnesota ’13, Contributing Editor

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