A Year to Celebrate for the ADA

2017 was a year to celebrate! As over 161,000 ADA member dentists continued to raise the bar for the profession, we are proud to join you in enjoying our shared success. Here are 10 reasons we have to celebrate:

1. Saving members money

$34.1 million total average savings for ADA members who refinanced their student loans with Laurel Road® in 2017*

2. Serving millions of children

Give Kids A Smile celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2017 and has served more than 5 million children since its inception.

 3. Tackling oral cancer

The ADA published an updated Oral Cancer Clinical Practice Guideline, a collaborative effort between the ADA and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

4. Helping fellow members in need

The ADA Foundation donated more than $1 million to dentists affected by natural disasters in 2017.

5. Exploding growth of Find-a-Dentist tool

The ADA Find-a-Dentist tool garnered 1.7 million visits, with 740,000 profile views.

6. Connecting in new ways

There were 12 million visits to ADA web sites last year, a 22% increase.

7. Taking advantage of resources

The ADA answered more than 6500 calls about third party payers, CDT codes and benefit claims in 2017.

8. Working to advance your interests

The ADA’s advocacy team worked to simplify Medicare Part D and Part C enrollment requirements for dentists.

9. Staying current

ADA News and JADA are once again the two most-read dental publications by dentists. 

10. Growing the ADA Seal of Acceptance

29 New ADA Seal options are on the shelves – including first-in-category products, and 200 products now have the Seal.

This is the ADA. Your ADA. To learn even more about your 2017 impact, check out the video and subscribe to the ADA’s YouTube channel for the latest instructional videos, member profiles, news and more.

~American Dental Association

*Savings calculated based on DMD and DDS degree holder loans refinanced from 1/2017 to 12/2017 where the borrowers’ previous rates were disclosed. Assumes same loan terms for previous and refinanced loans, and payments made to maturity with no prepayments. Actual savings for individual loans vary based on loan balance, interest rates, and other factors

This content is sponsored and does not necessarily reflect the views of ASDA.

American Dental Association

The American Dental Association (ADA) powers the profession of dentistry to advance the overall oral health of the public. Our vision is to empower the dental profession to achieve optimal health for all. Members of ASDA are also student members of the ADA. Learn more at ADA.org/student.

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  1. I’m not surprised. They have been working on the foundations of their organization for a long time and have remained respected the whole time. I know I wouldn’t be a dentist without them. I talk more about it here: http://drsmiledental.com/blog

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