All cats issue of ASDA News this month

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ASDA’s Editorial Board tries to plan content around what our members care about most. It’s recently come to our attention that cats are a hot topic in student dentistry. Whether it’s their oral hygiene or their fuzzy little noses, cats are wildly popular. Finally, the wait is over! The all cats issue of ASDA news* is coming out this month. You’ll read articles about how to prevent kitty caries, dental cat therapy and advice on investing in a feline friend while attending dental school. Click here to get a sneak peek of this issue!

Did you know that kittens have 26 needle-sharp milk teeth and adult cats have 30 permanent teeth? Animal teeth can be fascinating and now you’ll have the knowledge you need to diagnose your cat’s periodontal disease. More animal teeth facts can be found here.What other topics do you want to read about in ASDA News? Let us know in the comments below–we’re listening!

~Kim Schneider, publications manager

*Happy April Fools’ Day! Look for the real issue of April ASDA news in your mailbox or online later this month.

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  1. Love this! I shared it with our staff at Aegis. Love your sense of humor! Very creative.

  2. Ashley Phares DMD says:

    Love this April 1 article – and the link to my old blog post! Haha. Now, if you ever do an “all dogs” ASDA News, let me know. I have lots of experience in dog dentition now that I’ve started tranquilizing my pup every 6 months to give him a prophy with my set of scalers left over from dental school 😉

    1. Too funny, Ashley! Your animal teeth blog post is an oldie but a goodie. It consistently ranks as one of the most popular posts on the entire blog!

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