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Participating in the American Association for Dental Research

There are a number of organizations available to dental students that help us enhance our education. By advancing our knowledge base, we develop as a dental community. One organization dedicated to expanding knowledge in the dental field is the American Association of Dental Research National Student Research Group (AADR NSRG).

The AADR NSRG is student-run and supports students who wish to broaden their education through dental research. The goals of the organization are to promote student involvement in research and to ensure that research is recognized as a fundamental part of the profession and dental curriculum.

As the current vice president of AADR NSRG, I serve on the executive board, which provides a supportive environment for local research chapters, as well as a national voice and connection to AADR and the International Association of Dental Research (IADR). In addition, we give guidance and support to local chapters with generating funds for research and aim to provide resources for student researchers to develop their research interests.

The board meets twice a year, in addition to an annual business meeting at the AADR Annual Meeting. At these meetings, subcommittees plan AADR events, national student research advocacy days and more. There are currently 11 elected positions on the board; elections occur at the Annual Meeting.

We encourage students from both well-established and newly founded local chapters to apply for a position. Applicants from across the country help maintain a diverse elected board. In the interest of protecting the heterogeneity of the board, only one applicant may apply per dental school. Applicants must be a student a member of AADR. The deadline for candidate submission is Feb. 7, 2018, at 5 p.m. EST.

As the profession expands, it is important to remember the role of research. Research advancements are the foundation of current evidence-based practices and techniques, and as future dentists, it is important to stay up-to-date with these. Researchers will continue to develop information that will increase our knowledge as well as lead to the creation of new instruments, techniques and materials that will enhance our lifelong growth as clinicians. It is through research that we advance our education and provide the best level of patient care. It is the goal of AADR NSRG to support this mission and provide guidance for students as they develop as researchers and clinicians.

~Stacey Howes, Iowa ’18, AADR NSRG Vice President

Stacey Howes

Stacey is a fourth-year dental student at Iowa. She currently serves as the vice president of the AADR NSRG.

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