And the 2015 Gold Crown Award nominees are …

ASDANews-Jan15-hero-webEach year, ASDA volunteers publish more than 100 articles in ASDA News, more than 50 articles in Mouth and at least 156 posts to this blog. That’s a lot of content and a ton of dental student-written articles. Behind the scenes of these publications is ASDA’s Editorial Board–eight dental students who dedicate their time to planning, writing and editing your ASDA publications. It’s thanks to them that you read about velociraptors, movie reviews and maintaining wellness over the past year.

One part of an ASDA editor’s job, whether they work on the print publications or this blog, is finding dental students who want to write. All those articles and blog posts won’t write themselves and we’ve had some amazing authors in 2014. On behalf of ASDA’s Editorial Board, I’d like to thank all the authors and bloggers who contributed to ASDA in 2014. Thank you for your time, your ideas and your contribution to the organization. It’s because of volunteers like you that we are able to build a knowledge-base for dental students in the U.S. And it’s because of you that ASDA News was found to be members’ favorite ASDA publication in a 2014 readership survey!

ASDA’s Editorial Board sifted through all the articles and blog posts of 2014 to narrow down nominees for three Gold Crown Awards: Best News Article, Best Feature Article and Best Blog Post. Criteria included relevance, originality, research and presentation. For blog posts, number of visits, social shares and Facebook likes were also weighed in the decision. Here are the nominees for the 2015 Gold Crown Awards for best articles and blog post:


HPV becomes increasingly common in men

by Chris Lee, Roseman ’17 |February ASDA News

University of Pittsburgh students revamp faculty and course evaluations

by Ryan Orlosky, Pittsburgh ’16 | February ASDA News

Weighing the impacts of the Affordable Care Act on dental care access

by Sean Lee, Stony Brook ’17 | April ASDA News

Could craniofacial surgery in utero be the future of cleft lip and palate repair?

by Dani Howell, Virginia ’17 | October ASDA News

ASDA focuses on student loan reform

by James Wanamaker, Buffalo ’16 | December ASDA News


Sigmund Freud, DMD: The psychology of tooth-loss dreams

by Clesterh Ramos, Los Angeles ’14, predental | March ASDA News

Refuse to take no for an answer: How I got into dental school after 6 tries

by Travis Barr, Colorado ’16

Dr. William Calnon on taking risks & facing fears in leadership

by Justan Berman, Nova Southeastern ’15 | spring Mouth

Dealing with grief in dental school

by Suzanna McAninley, Florida ’16 | winter Mouth


9 things to bring on an interview

by Jill Markowitz, Stony Brook ’18 | Jan. 15, 2014

4 ways the ACA will (and will not) impact dentistry

by Courtney Worlinsky, Florida ’14 | Jan. 24, 2014

A closer look at the official emblem of dentistry

by Courtney Worlinsky, Florida ’14 | March 19, 2014

How I balance beauty pageants and dental school

by Lauren Kuhn, Harvard ’17 | June 11, 2014

Dental therapy dogs: a doggone great idea

by Alyson Ilustre, Oklahoma ’17 | July 25, 2014

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