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Before he became Dr. Cohen, Yermie went from MIT where exams were open-book, to medical school at UCLA, where the number of scientific terms to learn was like a daily avalanche. Existing study aids were either outrageously expensive, or too simplistic for higher education. Instead of spending an arm and a leg on test prep, Yermie called upon his MIT network to build a tool that made memorizing easy. A year later, and a third of all medical students in the U.S. were using Memorang to conquer their exams.

Knowing the parallels between medical and dental school, ASDA saw an opportunity to help its members. This has led to ASDA + Memorang’s first dental product: the DAT Power-Up, made specifically for predental students brushing up on their sciences.

This tool allows you to commit 4,500+ concepts to memory, making you prepared for any question asked of you on the Survey of Natural Sciences.

This is how Memorang helps you learn:

  • Each section (Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry) is broken down into specific topics. You can choose one study set at a time to master, following along with what you’re learning in your class or textbook.
  • Memorang uses spaced repetition to ensure that learning is efficient – concepts you know well won’t show up as often as concepts you struggle with. The tool adapts to your skill level and progress!
  • You’ll be able to see your mastery level of every topic and every single fact within each study set. This allows you to know exactly where you stand in your knowledge, and how much more studying you should put in.
  • Memorang has a variety of study modes to suit all learners, which also helps with study fatigue. Tired of multiple choice or flashcards? Play some games while continuing to drill the material!

All ASDA members get a 25% discount, and one lucky winner will win completely free access to the product for 6 months! Perfect if you are planning to take the DAT this summer.

To enter, either comment on Memorang’s Facebook page, or tweet to Memorang with one reason you’d like to try the ASDA + Memorang DAT Power-Up. A winner will be drawn at random on March 21st. Be sure to enter before then, and follow Memorang to see if you win!

Best of luck, and happy studying!

~Tria Chang, director of content at Memorang

This content is sponsored and does not necessarily reflect the views of ASDA.


Memorang, recipient of Reimagine Education’s Silver Medal, is making studying more efficient and enjoyable for students around the world. No other study tool is as powerful, convenient, and friendly to a student budget.

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