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So you’ve made up your mind that you want to be a dentist. Or you think you might want to be a dentist, but need to find out more about what that really entails. Where do you go to find answers to all these burning questions? Fortunately, the ASDA website contains a comprehensive collection of predental related material to help keep predental members well informed and on track to pursuing dentistry. While there are a myriad of resources that are all extremely helpful, the following resources are seven of ASDA’s most valuable ones (in my opinion, anyway.)

  1. Getting into Dental School” handbook

This is the holy grail of predental resources. It contains profiles on every U.S. dental school and includes relevant facts and statistics about each one including: class size, admissions requirements, tuition fees, specialty programs offered, etc. When planning on where to apply, this nifty little guide comes in handy to easily compare schools and decide which ones you are interested in. Personally, I got a copy freshman year of college, familiarized myself with all the schools, then referred to it constantly in the months leading up to the application cycle. Note: you must be an ASDA member to get this book!

  1. Predental timeline

This well-organized and easy-to-follow list contains a general four-year plan for predental students, listing common dental school prerequisite classes and the order in which students normally take them. When planning your undergraduate class schedule, this really comes in handy to make sure you’re on track to meet all the application criteria on time.

  1. Tips for the AADSAS application

Good news! You don’t have to bug upperclassmen or dental students for tips on the AADSAS application because ASDA already compiled the best advice for you under this resource! These words of wisdom are spot on when it comes to how to prepare for the application. There’s even a video explaining everything for some visual stimulation.

  1. ASDA News and Mouthing Off (this blog!)

All ASDA members receive a monthly newsletter by mail containing insightful articles and features on various dental topics. From student perspective pieces, to hot topics in the field, to science snippets from research articles, this newsletter has everything you need to stay well informed about dentistry. For some lighter reading, subscribe to this blog you’re reading right now. Dental and predental students publish blog posts three times every week, keeping you in the know!

  1. CV/Resume Tips

Speaking of resumes, ASDA has a great resource for predentals (or anyone, for that matter) seeking advice on how to format a CV or resume. These tips are sure to come in handy when applying for jobs or leadership positions and are essential for a strong dental school application.

  1. Shadowing Guide

Another crucial aspect of your application is dental shadowing. If you’re unsure how to secure a shadowing position or how to document your hours, ASDA once again has you covered with its thorough guide on how to get the most out of your shadowing experiences.

  1. Paying for Dental School

This not-so-fun part of dentistry may be daunting for many of us, but with the countless scholarships, financial resources and tips listed in this resource, it doesn’t seem quite as scary. In fact, it actually seems possible! Educate yourself about personal finances from financial advisor’s tips on video, browse a list of scholarships or just peruse this page if you like reading about money in your spare time.

These are just a few of the many awesome resources ASDA has to offer predental members. Take advantage of them and learn more about dentistry at the click of a button. It’s that easy! And lastly, be sure to participate in ASDA’s Predental Week from February 8-14. You’ll have access to free webinars and be eligible to win prizes if you join as a predental members during this week! For more information, visit

~Sachi Mehrotra, Los Angeles’16, Predental Advisory Committee member

Sachi Mehrotra

Sachi is a second year dental student at the UCLA School of Dentistry. She currently serves as the ASDA District 11 PreDental Chair and the UCLA ASDA Morale Committee Chair. Aside from denture and endo projects, her favorite things in the world are dessert, traveling, and Snapchat adventures.

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