Simple tricks to ace clinical dental photography

cameraThough camera phones are being used routinely to click selfies, overload Instagram accounts and create ASDA memories, their use in dentistry seems restricted. How can you bring that “oomph” factor to your clinical pictures? It is simple–stick to your basics and know them well! Although we are well acquainted with the different clinical pictures that need to be taken for patient records, what we generally tend to neglect are the basics to a good photograph. So, follow these steps and let the magic unfold!

How flying can affect your dental health

Passengers Sitting on a PlaneHave you been on a plane recently? Whether it was to fly home for the holidays or attend a national ASDA meeting, air travel is common among dental students. Aviation dentistry is an emerging science that primarily deals with the oral and dental health status of fliers with emphasis on prevention of disorders related to changes in atmospheric pressure.

At high altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is too low for humans, but, the aircraft pressure is maintained so that it is comfortable for the crew and travelers with the help of aircycle machines and outflow valves. Nevertheless, these pressure changes may affect fliers occasionally. One may face any of the following problems…

How do your patients like to be scheduled?

appointment reminderIt has always been a challenge for dentists to retain their patients (especially new ones). One simple way to cater to your patients’ needs would be to notify them of their appointments the way they like. A 2015 survey conducted by Software Advice, a leading Information Technology Research and Advising Company based in Texas, highlighted the statistics on the ways dental patients like to be scheduled and reminded of their appointments. This survey gives you a fair idea about patient preferences on scheduling, however you may want to just ask your patient, “how would you like to be contacted?” This simple gesture may help you win their allegiance for life!