Distracted driving quiz: Test your knowledge

Geico_ImagePut down the phone and fries this summer. Weekend getaways, vacations, and visits to and from the clinics mean more vehicles on the road. We want you to join us in a summer of no distracted driving to keep friends and family safe.

Take our quiz to learn more about the dangers of driving distracted. Then, take the online pledge to drive distraction-free and GEICO will make a donation to a worthy cause on your behalf.

Three tips to help dental students save money

GEICO logoLet’s face it; getting an undergraduate degree can be expensive. Throw in dental school and there’s a good chance you paid a pretty penny for your education. Chances are when you receive your dental degree, there’s some debt attached to it. Here a few ways to keep your expenses under control as you pursue your dental career and during its early stages.