Gregory Sabino

Treat your residency interviews like dating

firstdate_residencyweekFresh off General Practice Residency application season and Match Day being a thing of the past, I have to admit that the interview process was not what I expected. More importantly, it was very unlike the process of interviewing for admittance into dental school. Strangely enough, our faculty “advisor” for interviewing and CV review could not have been more wrong with his advice. And for that, I am thankful.

Read on to find out why residency interviews are just like dating…

“Umms” the word: How to improve your oral presentations

UmmmTo some, Facebook is the ultimate distracter during a presentation or lecture. For me, it’s the use of speech disfluencies, especially “pretty much,” “you know,” and “ummm.” Their overuse detracts from a presentation and can give an impression of being unprepared. At the beginning of my dissertation research, I, too, struggled with these filler words. I hope to share some strategies I used to eliminate these words all together.