Kasia Chalko

Every day is Wellness Month

It’s wonderful to watch ASDA chapters throw themselves into Wellness Month. From barre classes to yoga, ergonomics lunch and learns to puppy parties, ASDA members have explored all five dimensions of wellness this September.

5 ways to take part in Wellness Month 2017

Dental school can be incredibly stressful. Even the healthiest and most confident student can succumb to hard days, external pressures and self-doubt. Depression and burnout are real concerns. In spring of 2014, ASDA lost our past president, Jiwon Lee, to suicide. Later that year, then-president Dr. Kris Mendoza wrote, “We wished we would have known that she was suffering. Everyone wishes they could have helped her. But she kept her troubles to herself.”

What’s so magical about Annual Session?

Known as ASDA’s “best week ever,” Annual Session is the flagship event of our year. Approximately 600 ASDA members attend each year, taking part in the House of Delegates, choosing their district and national leaders and celebrating Gold Crown Award winners. They enjoy four days of camaraderie, education and networking, while also carrying out the business of the association. For those who don’t get a chance to attend, we offer just a taste in this video flashback to ASDA’s time in Dallas in March 2016.

We want you to dream bigger in 2016

Annual Session 2015From a young age, Chris Bashinelli wanted to be an actor. He attended a performing arts school and was cast in a role on the HBO series “The Sopranos.” Not long after, he realized that acting wasn’t his passion. He followed his true calling to become an explorer and storyteller, filming documentaries about the hidden corners of our world and using media to bridge intercultural gaps.

“How I began was by making a decision, committing to my ultimate purpose and not looking back no matter how many hurdles I encountered,” he tells National Geographic. Read on to learn more about ASDA’s keynote speaker for Annual Session 2016.