Katie Sowa

Why are we drawn to what’s “weird”?

One of my favorite in-school rotations at UTSD is our Urgent Care rotation. We’re assigned to this multiple times a month but when your patient no-shows, it’s typically your 1st resort to ensure you spend your clinic time wisely. There’s always room for more students in urgent care. Dr. C.D. Johnson runs our urgent care clinic. Unlike the typical stories you hear of dentists working 4 days a week, with fridays for golf or waterskiing, Dr. Johnson ran a clinic working 7 days a week. A good amount of his time was spent seeing walk-in urgent care patients. Needless to say, Dr. Johnson has seen it all.

Is the paleo diet really all that healthy?

photo courtesy of Nick Morrison, Imperium CrossFit If you attended Annual Session just weeks ago, you have been somewhat introduced to my love for CrossFit. Though I was compared to Hercules, my diet would say otherwise. As a Crossfitter, I spend a lot of time surrounded by the Paleo diet. My box hosts a “Paleo… Read more »

Gold Crown Awards best article nominees


The Gold Crown Awards include several categories and more than 45 awards. One section of awards is completely dedicated to media. These awards recognize chapter newsletters, websites and social media but they also recognize the articles members contribute to ASDA’s national publications as well. ASDA News and Mouth are rare among association publications. Many associations hire professionals to write their news and magazine but ASDA finds value in representing the dental student voice by soliciting volunteers to write nearly all of the content in ASDA News and Mouth (and this blog!). Read on to see the nominees for best news and feature article of the year.

Competitive swimmers may be at higher risk for decay

Competitive swimmers are incredibly underestimated athletes. Society portrays male professional basketball and football players as some of the “toughest” athletes. But what about the grueling training regime competitive swimmers must endure every day? Not to mention, the constant smell of chlorine, dry-skin and often permanent goggle rings around the eyes (not the most attractive qualities)…. Read more »

Dentistry goes Hollywood…again

Coming back to school from Spring Break isn’t easy. Gone are the days of sleeping in past my alarm and hanging out in pajamas for the majority of the morning. Many of my classmates had exciting trips planned- some went on a mission trip to Guatamala, another celebrated her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, and… Read more »

ADA offers ethics hotline as a member benefit

As a dental student, it’s usually pretty easy to handle ethical dilemmas during clinic with a sea of faculty watching your every move. We ask our faculty for advice in certain situations. We attend Lunch & Learns geared towards working our way through ethical situations. We’re completed invested in doing what’s right for the patient…. Read more »

District 9 meeting recap: skiing and education

Last weekend, District 9 convened in Breckenridge, Colorado for the annual District 9 meeting. ASDA leaders and members from Houston, San Antonio, Baylor, Oklahoma, and Colorado headed to the mountains for fun, fellowship, and a lot of learning. The District 9 meeting is the most unique district meeting. We have a cool opportunity to combine… Read more »