Common STEMs: Dentistry & Miss America

Miss MassachusettsMuch like Miss America, I’ve had people ask me if Girl Scouting is still relevant in today’s day and age… both are now two of the largest proponents for women to enter STEM fields in our nation! Why is it important to get young girls interested in math and science? It’s all about open doors, and open doors lead to passion, stability in a career, and self-sufficiency and fulfillment. I’m not arguing that every young woman needs to pursue a career in one of these fields, but they need to at least be on her radar! I do hope that all young people will keep an open mind and be sure to cross these options of their list before proceeding to their passion in life.

Let’s not water it down: Fluoride is important!

image“Lauren, the City Council just proposed an ordinance to stop fluoridating the city’s water.” Those words ignited a fire inside me much larger than I would have imagined. Coming from a home with a mother as a dental hygienist, who gave my sister and I fluoride supplements until we had access to fluoridated water, I was angered by the threat to the work my mother and the dentists in the city had done to get fluoride added to the water supply in 2000. Now, the City Council of Aberdeen was questioning the safeness and effectiveness of fluoride–again…

How I balance beauty pageants and dental school

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 4.23.41 PMBeauty pageants aren’t my thing, but scholarship pageants are. As a 22 year-old dental student, you might wonder why I would be involved with the Miss America Organization and how I juggle my ASDA commitments and studies. Nine times out of 10, I believe that living in the present and following passions is more valuable than sticking to a rigid schedule. I picked up this mentality from the Miss America Organization.